Need HELP deciding! Which black patent would you choose?!

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  1. I've always wanted a black patent Chanel (although i know most people are not keen with patent, haha)! But I am having a hard time deciding between a Classic Flap in Black patent or a Coco Boy. So my question is, should I go with a timeless classic or a trendy piece? Thank you so much for your 2 cents!

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  2. A Vote for the Timeless Classic Flap in Black Patent!
  3. I love that classic flap.
  4. I like everything classic, so the classic flap it is!
  5. No fan of patent, bit I love the look of the Coco boy
  6. I think both bags look wonderful on you. Did one bag make you feel different when you first saw it on? Then did you had doubts after regarding which one to pick because you felt you SHOULD get one piece over the other? opinions are hard because we all have different tastes and therefore can confuse you more. Trust your gut in which one you see yourself wearing and loving years from now. Good luck in your decision.
  7. I vote for classic.
  8. I love patent!!
    I like the coco boy but the classic does look better on you in these picture
  9. another vote for classic. i'm sorry, i have to be honest - the coco boy version looks like a frankenbag with that half classic/half diagonal quilt going on. it's too busy and looks like it's confused. :giggle:
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  10. Hahaha Frankenbag... that's a good one. But one that I agree with. It can't decide exactly what it wants to be. Gotta go with Classic! BTW, I love patent handbags too!
  11. Classic for sure.
  12. Classic! I just bought it today too. Good luck with your decision!
  13. I prefer the look of the patent classic. I love Chanel patents and I personally feel they hold up very well!
  14. Classic flap for sure. I love it in black patent!
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1469075589.963930.jpg
    This picture made me want a black patent bahah. Good luck deciding!