Need help deciding which black leather bag

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  1. I really want to get a larger black leather bag (I have a demi Carly now). I have narrowed it down to 4 bags but can't decide what I like best:

    Ergo Belted Hobo
    Ergo Belted Flap
    Legacy Shoulder Bag

    Which one do you like the best?
    Black Ergo Belted Hobo.jpg Black Ergo Belted Leather Flap.jpg Black Legacy Shoulder Bag.jpg Black Leather Carly Medium.jpg
  2. I like the Ergo Belted Flap the best, with the Legacy Shoulder Bag a very close second! :yes: They are all beautiful, though.
  3. i like #3. love that bag!!!!
  4. I vote for the Legacy Shoulder bag....I am seriously eyeing this bag in whiskey for PCE!!!!! When you try it on, take out ALL of the stuffing inside it, and push down in the middle of it to form a cute slouch!!! GREAT bag!
  5. I have the 2006 version of this bag in Whiskey and I LOVE it!
  6. ummm.....what's your style? I think the belted hobo is young, fun and more stylish where and Legacy shoulder bag is more timeless and classic...:yes: Love them both!
  7. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I would love to see pics of your bag...PM me!!! I cant wait to get this bag now!!! Why cant PCE be NOW!!!!???? LOL
  8. Very tough decision! They are all beautiful bags. I think the Legacy shoulder bag is beautiful in black - I was at Coach yesterday and saw it in person and the leather is TDF!! Like someone else said, timeless and classic. I like the belted ergo in plum - it is very fashionable and polished. And I love my black leather Carly. The ergo flap would look good in brown. Is there any way you can get more than 1 bag style and different colors? If you are going only with black, I think the Legacy shoulder bag.
  9. I'd say either Carly or the Legacy shoulder bag. I just don't like the new belted ergos. They seem style-contradictory to me.
  10. I like the Legacy Shoulder Bag first with the Carly coming in at a close second!
  11. i vote for #1 or #3. i love those! besides, you already have a carly, even though it's just a demi. i'd definitely want more of that yummy gold hardware. and i like the hobo look more than the flap on the ergo. i recently saw the legacy IRL, it's gorgeous! i wanted it buy it!
  12. I vote the shoulder bag first, then the carly. :tup:
  13. Carly or Belted Hobo.

    But mostly Carly :p ;)
  14. Carly, then Legacy.
  15. My vote is in for the Ergo Belted Hobo. Love it!