Need help deciding which bag........

  1. Hi guys! I've only just found this incredible forum :tup:and i really need your expert help in deciding which bag to get..... My hubby has very sweetly offered to buy me a 2nd LV for my b'day and i basically cannot decide between the mc speedy 30 or 35. I already have the mc speedy 25 which i'm finding too small for everyday use due to having a 6 month baby so I'm always carrying around nappies, wipes etc..... I've discounted the Cabas mezzo as think it will be too big, already had the Petit Noe which i just didnt really fall in love with so thats how i've come to the speedy dilema. Only trouble is I'm only 5'1 and small framed so worried the 35 will look completely stupid but thats the bag i'm swaying towards. Unfortunately I can't get to a store to try them on either so will be buying from LV online. Any thoughts gratefully received x :smile:
  2. hi milleress! definitely go with the speedy 35. i'm also the same height as you and i wear lots of big bags.. bigger even than the speedy 35. and with a baby you'll need it! and since you already have the 25 buying a 30 will be quite similar. besides big bags are so cool right now!
  3. Oh thought MC released for Speedy 30 only ? :confused1: perhaps you mean for mono canvas, not multicolor? If so, the go for mono 30 :smile:
  4. oops! Note to self - must get more LV knowledge!!! Sorry, I meant the mono canvas.:push:
  5. I think the mulitpli cite would be a great option with a baby. Its large, easy zipper top, and lots of pockets.
  6. follow ur heart - get the 35! jess simpson totally rocks hers!

    welcome to tpf!
  7. Welcome!
    I'd also go with the 35 since it sounds like you'll need more room. :yes:
  8. I say get the 35. i have the 25 and 30 but lately i have been seeing the 35 and i'm loving the size, plus your gonna need it to carry all your baby stuff
  9. I have the 30 and love it, but 35 would be nice for baby stuff. However, I would take a look at a shoulder bag since you do have a baby.
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome - hubby is very worried now i have found you all!!! Thanks also for being soooo helpful and you just all really confirmed what i was hoping. So....... the 35 will be with me in a couple of days :yahoo:!! Sphere99- no doubt in the not too distant future I'll be unable to resist a shoulder bag so will be seeking more advice - I'd better start saving! Looking forward to speaking to you all again soon xx
  11. Congrats on the 35!! Great choice!
  12. You'll love the 35!! :wlae:
  13. Great choice! Welcome to TPF and we can't wait to see pics!!!!!!
  14. If I had another baby I would definitely get the 35. Welcome!
  15. Most husbands worry when we find this forum and this is the look on most of their faces when we do :nuts:!!!! Many of us who do not have the money to buy a new LV every month as some fortunate members do (I'm so jealous) really rely on the expertise of the forum members to help us make a wise and great choice so we are delighted with the limited purchases we do make!! One can find modeling photos to get ideas on how the bag looks when carried as well as any issues of a certain model being considered. I recently learned of the bleeding issues of the Neverful monogram bag's interior and returned the bag to eluxury before using it. So in the end, the purse forum has already saved me worry and money which I am so grateful for!