Need help deciding which bag to get..

  1. I've searched this topic in the forums but couldn't find it so here it goes... I'm currently having trouble deciding between the "Damier Azur Speedy 30" or the "Mini Lin Croisette Speedy 30" in blue. I'm looking for a casual everyday bag that's fresh but will still go with most outfits. They're both beautiful but I just can't make up my mind. Also, I'm not sure how the material on both of them will survive & age. Any suggestions? :s
  2. between these two, I would say go for azur.
  3. I feel that the Croisette Speedy is a much prettier casual bag but it is not as hardy as Azur Canvas would be.

    So my vote goes to the Azur Speedy. :supacool:
  4. Azur
  5. i have the blue mini lin croisette speedy and i absolutely love it! I think it's a beautiful bag but I've got to admit I worry more about it than my other bags. If you usually take good care of your bags, I would say go for it!!
  6. azur
  7. Mini lin speedy blue...prettier
  8. azur for me!
  9. I personally like Azur...but the mini would be a great choice since you probably won't see it around every corner like the damier speedy!(guilty, i'm one of those around the corner):p:p
  10. Azur speedy!
  11. Azur!
  12. I have both and if you're gonna be using it a lot, or using it as an everyday bag, I think you should go for Azur. It's much easier to take care of.
  13. It think the azur as well. Looks more durable..
  14. I agree!!
  15. Azur speedy, more classic.