Need help deciding which bag to get...

  1. So I want to get a toki bag as a gift for someone, but I can't decide which bag would be best. Which style has the most pockets but isn't too big or too small? I thought about the mamma mia (but that's impossible to find) or a stellina, but that's about all that comes to mind for me... :confused1:
  2. Sounds like the Stellina is the way to go.
  3. you go for a bella. lots of zippers!
  4. Not that I am sure since I don't have one but what about a bambinone?? It looks like a middle sized bag. I could be wrong.

    Oh and if you want to get a MM not sure if you mind the AS print but last week the Woodbury outlet had 6 of them at the end of last week...maybe you might be able to snag one if you call...that is if you like them.
  5. i love the bambione! i think any of those styles would be great gifts. :smile:
  6. wow the most pockets .. not too big or small ... yah the Stellina is the only thing that really fits that description IMO.

    I do love the bambinone style tho ... and the campeggio but I think the campeggio would be considered "too big" :biggrin:
  7. I think it depends on what kind of bag your friend usually uses. If you've seen her with tote bags-- go for MM. Basically, what I'm getting at if she's comfortable with one style of bag (across the body or just under the arm and sizing is important based on her frame) then you want to be consistent with that. You may want to consult bubblesung's excellent guide to tokidoki bags where she is pictured with her collection and shares how much fits into what, etc. I'm sure she'll love the gift!:smile:
  8. I think the bambinone is too small, but I like bigger bags. A stellina is good if your friend likes a messenger or tote style. If she likes more of a handbag style, I say the Zucca.
  9. Have you discussed bag styles with her before? I was grilling my sister on what toki style she'd carry and what prints she liked to get her a birthday gift.