Need help deciding which bag to get

  1. I am considering a Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gustto, Botkier or even a Balenciaga for my first designer bag. Would anyone be willing to give me some input on what styles and brands? I want a medium size bag nothing out rageously large.
  2. julieroe -
    it would be ever so helpful to get more info from you, such as will this be an everyday bag? What is your vocation (student/mom/professional or casual work environment)? How much stuff do you carry? What style of bag do you favor (shoulder/hand carry/cross body)? Is style the most important thing or functionality - or both? Do you like a structured or a slouchy bag? What is your budget? Color preference? I know....way too many questions, but it would be helpful!
  3. Balenciaga first would be my choice for sure!
  4. those designers have so many great styles & colours - which ones are you looking at?
  5. For the price you are going to pay for one of those brands I would go with a Louis Vuitton speedy instead!
  6. They're all different price points and styles. What are you really looking for, an everyday bag, a going out bag???
  7. It does depend on how much you want to spend on your first designer bag. But I mean if you can afford the Balenciaga as your first bag then by all means, go for it! What a great bag to have as your first. ;)