Need help deciding which Antigona to get

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  1. Hello fellow tpf members!

    I am planning on buying my 1st Givenchy bag and I need help deciding which to get.
    Here are a few on my mind, all in black.
    1. The small shiny Antigona.
    2. The mini Antigona in sugar grained goatskin.
    3. The medium shiny Antigona.

    I'm leaning towards #1 but it's sold out most places and I could only find it at
    I have never bought anything from this site and I'm wondering if it is legit? Anyone with experience with them care to share?

    I'm 169cm and about 114lbs and I'm not sure if the medium would be too large for me? Also, I don't usually carry many things in my bag so most of my bags are on the small side. Bigger bags are nice looking too so I do have some larger bags but they are always almost empty when I carry them. I call them my "for show bag". :biggrin:

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. :ty:
  2. Hi

    I'm 5'2 and I bought the medium. I tried on both small and medium as I could wear the two sizes. The small gives me a feel of dainty and feminine. Very girly. Whereas the medium gives me a feel of stylish and edgy. Cool is the word :smile:
    So it really depends what the different sizes bag speaks to you. You may feel different when wearing each individual bag. Hope it helps and make sense :smile:

    The medium doesn't look too big. The SA said that my style suits medium better so its up to your style and look.
  3. Hello ! Yes luisaviaroma is legit. I'm 5'2 as well and I bought the medium. It's a little big on me but I think you should be able to pull medium off well with your height.
    However if you don't carry a lot of things I think you can get choice 1 or 2.
    what kind of occasions would you be mainly using the bag for? I think that will also help to narrow down the choices :smile:
  4. I say go for the mini. There is not much in it compared to the small. But it's quite unique and a lovely cute size, and since you don't usually carry much it shouldn't be a problem. I saw the yellow on the website and it's absolutely gorgeous!
  5. My vote goes for the medium.
  6. I JUST received my new small/black goatskin in the mail from Farfetch like 10 minutes ago and I'm in love. I bought the medium last year and found it was huge on me (5'3) so I returned. I finally got the small and feel like it's big enough and but not too big.
  7. You're quite petite and the small is a great size for smaller ppl. I am 5-4 and have both the small and medium. I love both of them. I don't feel overwhelmed by my medium but it does have a bigger presence than my small. I like my small's more compact size. Love it actually. However, my medium is ideal for carrying kid stuff and other extras that my life requires.

    If you don't carry much and most of your bigger bags are pretty empty, you may just want to go with the small. Mini may be so small that it might not be as useful as a daily wear kind of bag. If you want more bang for your buck and want something that meets your size and carrying needs, I think small is the way to go.

    The small fits nicely in most situations you may find yourself. The medium is not a go to dinner bag, while small will fit easily at a restaurant. I can sit her on my lap at movies and live shows. Medium definitely needs her own seat.

    You may want to consider goatskin. In the small, goatskin is unlikely to lose that nice structured shape. Plus, goatskin is more readily available and more forgiving with use/wear.

    HTH and share what you decide!
  8. Yes it makes total sense to me! Thanks for the tips :smile:
  9. I carry some of my kid's stuff in my bag too but usually just a small water bottle and a granola bar. As for my own things, it's really very basic and minimal. So I think the small one would still be spacious for me, right?

    By the way, I'm 5' 6.5". Not petite but not too tall. Sorry for the SI-metric units confusion. Constantly moving from country to country just messes up my units!

    As for the goatskin being more structured, I thought that it is a softer material? Also correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it is more prone to scratches? I thought since it sounded like a bag that needs to be babied, a mini size would be easier to maintain for this material. :confused1: Maybe I need to do more research on the types of materials.

    Anyway, big thanks for your input!
  10. Thanks to everyone who share their thoughts and opinions!
    I think it's best to summarize my choices as

    Mini - cute
    Small - practical
    Medium - Looks nice, more presence.

    I shall think about it and look at more pics.
    Thanks again!
  11. Go for the 1st one since you like the most. I have bought many of my designer goods from LUISAVIAROMA they are amazing online store and the customer service is very good.
  12. Hey Girl!
    I love luisaviaroma, they always have the newest styles and collections. I've bought a few items from them and it was a great experience! I am looking to get a Antigona as well...I just cant decide which color I want! I went to my local Barney's and tried on the medium and small size. I am 5'4, 120 lbs and the medium was just crazy big for me...which is odd because I LOVE big bags, but this was just way to big! Maybe it the shape that made me feel this way? However, the small was so perfect I LOVED it! The small size has my vote!
    Good Luck!!!
  13. I just bought the small shiny black Antigona from Luisaviaroma! I've heard excellent reviews for their site. I find DHL to be pretty slow shipping, I'm in Australia so I'm expecting to wait awhile but I can live with that :woohoo: I've been looking for months and only found it on reebonz but I heard their quality can be dodgy, and a site called cultstatus which was the most expensive.

    I'm 161cm and 48kg and I found the medium far too big for my frame especially the width of the bag, so it was either small or the mini but I like to carry a few things so small it was! I also figured that the medium is usually very easy to come by, whereas I struggled for months to find the shiny small with gold hardware. So I'm not letting go of this baby! :biggrin::amuse:
  14. The site is excellent - I've purchased from them before (for shoes) and delivery was fast and everything very well packed! No complaints at all! I too have been trying to decide between small and medium ant - the mini looked too small on me (I'm 5'6) but the medium was just a bit too big, so I finally bit the bullet yesterday and went for a small in yellow. It's the perfect size!