Need HELP Deciding What To Do ... Cambon Bowler ...

  1. Hi Ladies!

    I need some opinions on how to do this AND maybe get a deal :p ....

    My daughter and I were at the Chanel Boutique yesterday and she saw a Black w/ Black Patent CC's Bowler she wants ... I want to get it for her for her Birthday which isn't until July 3 so I have some time ...

    here are my questions:

    is this bag going to have a price increase Feb 1?

    is this bag a permanent line or will it be discontinued soon?

    and Should I:

    buy now at the Boutique before Feb 1 (LOVE the SA there)

    keep checking eBay and try and get a deal :graucho:

    open a Sak's card and get 10% off -should have done this last week I know!-
    (also, my Sak's does not have a Chanel counter soooo not sure how this idea would work)

    wait for NM to have Double points again and have them get one as I already have a NM card (not sure when they do this again tho)

    OK Expert Shoppers, Let's hear what you have to say!!! TIA!!
  2. Oh Lordy!!!! :roflmfao:

    Everytime I see something I really want and I wait...I loose out......eithe someone else buys it, there isn't another, and the SA can't track one down for me. So now when I see something I KNOW I want......I just buy it.
  3. I'd get it at the boutique before feb 1. Just in case there is a price increase or it gets discontinued, which it probably won't but you never know.

    I wouldn't advise using eBay, its full of fakes and scams, the boutique would ensure it was authentic. Occasionally you can find stuff but theres no guarantee.
  4. Yeah, you guys are probably right ... *sigh* ... although as far as eBay goes, I wouldn't buy unless I posted it on the forum first for authentication ...

    hmmm... anyone else???
  5. :confused1: :shrugs: :confused1: