Need help deciding what Legacy bag to buy

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  1. I liked the shoulder bag in pond the best at first:

    But then I saw the pic of Hayden on the celebrity thread and thought the Ali looked so great on her in white:

    However, I'm afraid the Ali will be too much purse for me (I'm 5'1) and I don't have a boutique near me to try it on.
  2. I'm 5'2 and have the Ali. I loveeeeeeee it. But it gets HEAVY. Doesn't look huge on me though.
  3. What color do you have? I'm also torn between white and whiskey.
  4. t
    Whiskey :smile: I can't do white. It's just an invitation to bad things :p
  5. Okay, this is a treasure hunt! If you go to the 7th page of threads you will find a thread "your Coach collection" (it has 5 stars near it) click on that then go to page 40 of that thread and you will see my post with ALI photos (it's the the last post on page 40)

    I also have a Legacy Shoulder. The size itself looks great bodywise, but, I carry a 4x6 planner, a compact clutch wallet (not a itty bitty mini skinny) and a wristlet, sun glasses, reading glasses. And, I find it to be snug for my things.

    If you think in terms of a tote, the ALI is not much larger than a small/medium tote 10 x 13 x 5 but it has a weighter look, Ali is slightly slouchy, unless you stuff it full.

    I, like you have no where to go to try on bags. :crybaby:
  6. i vote legacy, i'm in love with it! (no i don't have one, i wish!!! in whiskey of course cuz the color is TDF, but i'm pretty sure it's SOLD OUT! booo)
  7. i own each of the legacy purses except the shoulder bag.
    I'm 5 '3 and I'm comfy with them all.
  8. Entheos your collection is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I'm really torn. I wish the ali came in pond b/c I love that color.
  9. Ali Leather Shoulder Flap. It has a really unique look in comparison to the shoulder. :smile:
  10. Thank you! I too wish the Ali came in Pond!