Need help deciding........what do you think??

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  1. Okay so I just started collecting Tokidoki stuff this past March - yeah I'm usually late on stuff like this. So I only like certain prints and I don't want the same bags in diff prints so this is what I'm thinking.

    I already have a ciao in Pirata but thinking of selling it since I just bought a mamma mia in that print. Also got a portatelefono & denaro.

    I bought the bella & denaro in LAmore.

    I heard they discontinued making the mamma mia and bella's for Spiaggia so thought I would get the ciao (since I'm selling the pirata one) instead so I preordered the Spiaggia print in a ciao & denaro from Pulse.

    I also have a luna in Citta.

    SO if I get the Transporto(??) print, what bag should I get?? I don't like big bags............would a bambinone be good?? Or is a dolce better? Oh and of course since I'm completely ANAL, I would have to get the denaro to go with it!

    I love the OP but doubt I'd be able to find it right now. Does anyone know if they have it at the outlets??
  2. The same rumor went around about the MM and the amore print and we know it was all a rumor. I bet it's wrong again.

    Call LeSportsac and ask them.

    Personally if I find a bag style I really like then I DO want it in every print. Why have a print that is great on a bag that is not my favorite style?

    Unless I hate the print when I see it, I'm getting Spiaggia in Dolce (my new favorite) and Zucca (my old favorite).

  3. Most of us on the forum will probably say get the zucca, because we're all a bunch of Zucca junkies. :nuts: But the zucca is a kind of large bag. If you don't like or use large bags, I recommend taking a look at the the bambino or bambinone. They have enough room for your wallet, ipod, cell phone, and several other items (it's actually surprising how much fits in a bambino.) I use my bambino a lot when I just need a small bag for the day. But the zucca is still my most favorite style.:woohoo:
  4. It is amazing how much the bambino holds! But it just won't hold diapers and sippy cups!:lol: which is why my new loved style is the campeggio!!! (and it could still stand to be a little smaller because I tend to fill whatever bag I carry!) The ciao is a great style too...but it holds less than the others..unless you carry it flap up and then it holds about the same.
  5. That's true for me too. I do love the Zucca, but I found l liked using Mamma Mia or Bambinone alot! If I had a ton of money, then I'd love to collect each style in each print! lol I need to get a Bambino.. those are so cute.
  6. They still have some original print at our Hawaii outlet, but even at 30% off it's going to end up at around mainland regular prices and then add shipping.
  7. tokis cost more in Hawaii?? That's odd cuz Lous Vuitton stuff is way cheaper in Hawaii then here in the States. Plus your sales tax is 4% while mine is 8.25%!
  8. It is...? Where did you hear that from? From my understanding, most of the major high-end boutiques cost more in Hawaii than in the states. LeSportsac jacks up their prices about $20-30 on average. Coach is a 20% mark-up. The LV site is down right now so I can't compare pricing...
  9. I called LV there and found out that it was cheaper but they won't ship here unless you've personally purchased in their store before. And if you have, then they'll ship and won't charge you sales tax! SO it's way cheaper for LV. Damn I need to go to Hawaii!

    do you happen to know how much the speedy 25 costs there cuz it's $595 here and I want to say it was something like $535 or close to that.

    you can check prices here:
  10. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeird! That's really interesting that LV is cheaper but other brands aren't. I can find out how much that bag costs tomorrow. I looked on the site and I couldn't find the items my brother had bought a few months ago...