Need help deciding what Coach Purse to keep

  1. I am in trouble here I like both of these bags and I cant decide which one to keep. here is a picture of my 2 choices

    Choice 1: Coach Fall Patchwork 2007

    Choice 2: Coach Belted Ergo


  2. The Ergo ;)
  3. I love both but if you only have to keep one then I would go for the Ergo. It's gorgeous and probably more practical:p
  4. I much prefer the Ergo:smile:
  5. Yay I have to agree the ergo, Im not a big patchwork person but I just think the ergo is also more classic and will be much more versatile.
  6. I really like the Ergo better. But, I've never been a fan of the patchwork bags.
  7. The patchwork is not my taste at all.. the ergo on the other hand is hot! :tup:
  8. ERgo, im not a fan of patchwork
  9. Both are gorgeous, but here's another vote for the Ergo...I think it is a classic and is not too trendy.
  10. I love the patchwork!
  11. Although I like this patchwork more than the previous ones, I also vote Ergo :yes:
  12. I vote for the ergo!
  13. I vote for the ergo also. I think you might get tired of the patchwork over time.
  14. This is completely out of the norm for me, but I think Im going for the patchwork this time!
  15. I'm surprising myself here, but I really like the patchwork gallery tote! It's very classy and structured but would also look great with casual clothes...

    My vote's for the patchwork!