Need help deciding to keep or sell IFiore

  1. Hello,
    I just got my hands on two (yes 2) stud muffin Isabelle Fiore hobo carina bags. One creme and one teal.
    I got a good deal at the Saks Fifth Ave outlet store.

    I own an ebay store so I thought I will keep one and sell one. But now I am not so sure. Where would I carry them to ? I have a IF diaper bag and a Tods leather shopping tote and a Marc Jacobs - super large olive hobo. I guess I love large bags, but I carry around cheap-cheap junk on a daily basis. I live in the burbs and am a stay at home mom who barely get to "go out".
    Also, if I do convince myself to keep one (which will be pretty easy), which color should I keep. I love the pretty blue/green but the creme is so popular and can be used in the spring.
    Am I totally obsessing ?
  2. do you have picts?
  3. The Carina's are big bags. I think I would keep the Cream and sell the Teal one (unless there is a particular outfit you want to wear it with). I just think the Cream is more versatile.