Need Help Deciding! (Tiffany Necklace)

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  1. I would definately choose the double heart necklace. I love hearts and think this is soooo cute!
  2. #1 every girl needs a little sparkle in her life!
  3. love #1
  4. #1 is the nicest but #3 is super cute and unique. Can't go wrong with either.
  5. #1 IMO will have the most staying power
  6. Love #1
  7. #1 for a classic piece or #2 for something flirty and fun!
  8. #1
  9. I like #1 the best.
  10. #1, it's kind of like the DBTY with a twist.
  11. #1
  12. I like the hearts the best, butterfly second!
  13. #1 is my favorite!
  14. #1 gets my vote.