need help deciding T_T

which one would u choose?

  • speedy 35 mono

  • speedy 35 damier ebene

  • beaubourg mono

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Nov 30, 2009
hi all..

lemme first say, im new 2this forum.. but i must say u all are wonderfull and im so droolin over ur LV collections :drool: :love:

i have the opportunity to buy "pre-love" bags from a acquaintance of mine for a good price.. its all in good conditions (she sells sums of her LV's cuz she's saving 4her wedding)

there's 3bags she has tht im considering:
- speedy 35 mono
- speedy 35 damier ebene
- beaubourg mono

i really love all 3 bags.. but can only afford to buy 1 of them at ths moment.

the speedy are of course classic, but i wonder if size 35 is to be big for me. im small/short and not really used to top handle bags.. tho' im use 2carry and loved big bags, but i wonder how comfortable will it be to carry it around. (big bag -> more stuffs in -> heavier)

the beaubourg looks "younger" and perhaps more my style..
i bet also more comfortable (im use to totes and shoulderbags)

i think i love all the three bags equally :cry:

so pls, will u all be so kind and help me decide :blush:


Love it ALL
Jul 23, 2008
If you think you're too short/petite to wear a speedy 35 then don't go with it - it would be really sad to get it then not use it, kwim? You seem to really be leaning toward the beaubourg so I say go with that one. Also, since you're a shoulder bag person you should stick with what you're used to and know you'll use, kwim?

Good luck!


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
I'd go with the Beauborg.

The speedies are wonderful, but I think 35 is a bit large personally. I am 5'5" and even a 30 looks ridiculous on me, so you just have to try it and see how it works for you.

Let us know what you decide!


Nov 30, 2009
thank you so much for all your inputs..

honestly im kinda lustin' for the speedy 35 damier.
(just love the red interior) :drool:
and the color is perfect for winter.

but im only 5.2 (1.57 m)
i wonder if its too big (for a top handle bag for my size)

aniwei, keep the advice comin' plis :biggrin: