Need help deciding! (Speedy vs. Josephine)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to make a purchase before the dreaded (and rumored) price increase in March!

    I had my heart set on getting the Josephine wallet in DA to match my NF GM in DA, but now I'm leaning towards getting the Speedy 30 in DA. My dilemma is that I already have a speedy 30 in mono and a speedy 35 in DE, so I don't think that I really need another speedy. However, I know eventually I'd want to get the speedy 30 in DA and getting it before the price increase seems to make more sense to me (since the price increase %wise won't be as drastic on the Josephine).

    I love using the speedy and get a lot of use out of them, but I'm not sure if I really need it.

    Which would you choose? Any help appreciated!
  2. Get speedy first!
  3. Usually bag prices increase steeper than SLG prices. Hence I'd say get the bag for the old price and the wallet later down the road.
  4. Get the speedy first before the price increase...
  5. Hi, is there anyway you can get them both? I love both of mine and use them each day. The increase is rumored to be up to 10 percent. If I had to chose one then get the Josephine. I had mine hot stamped in Paris. Love it! Good luck!

  6. Yes, I could get both, but would prefer to get one now and then maybe the other in a few months. Do you have any pics of the Josephine hotstamp? It sounds nice!
  7. Here's the hot stamp on my Josephine! I love this wallet! Oh and that's my husbands hand, he was helping me hold it open... Lol.

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  8. If you plan to have both within the next few months, I'd get the most expensive now and before the increase.

  9. I agree with waugse!
  10. Def get the speedy now, Last time slgs only increased about 5 bucks.
  11. +1
  12. Get the speedy. The Speedy will last a long time and you will get a lot more use out of it. I have the Josephine wallet and I love it however shortly after use the glazing peeled and the canvas has now separated from the leather where the wallet folds. It's an amazing wallet but I would rather have another Speedy or save for a leather wallet. My vernis wallet is almost ten years old and still looks new but my canvas wallets have all started too or fell apart after a few years. My SA said always go for leather when it comes to SLG's and I agree.
  13. speedy first.....👍
  14. speedy first
    just for price purpose
  15. Hi,

    I have attached my hot stamping that they did in Paris on my Josephine. I suggested that if you had to buy one than get the wallet since you said that you really didn't need another Speedy and didn't have any wallets for your other handbags. If you could do both than def do that before the increase!

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