Need help deciding please


Which should I choose?!

  1. Cambone Black with Patent CC

  2. Country Ride Large Tote

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  1. I just got myself a Country ride tote and was debating if I should get the cambon black with patent CC instead. Is the cambon being discontinued? Pic of cambon from retroflashes' post.
    IMG_0658.JPG chanel.jpg
  2. i love the cambon black with patent CC im hoping to get one :girlsigh: lol
  3. I like the cambon better.
  4. oh they're SOO different utility wise! No that Cambon is not discontinued.:nogood:
    I'm more of a tote girl, so I bought a large Cambon Tote like that recently.
  5. my vote is for the cambon
  6. The cambon is better because it's more versatile. YOu can wear the cambon tote on your shoulder. The country ride tote is seems to hold more, but not as versatile. I think it depends on your needs though.
  7. i prefer the cambon bag....:smile:
  8. I voted for the cambon black with patent CC. The other one looks too much like a doctor's bag...just not my cup of tea.
  9. They're so very different. Since you probably have some LV, you more than likely have a good selection of brown bags already so go with the black Cambon - shoulder or handheld, and patent is HUGE!
  10. I have the cambon tote and love it for everyday. Great shoulder bag!
  11. LVuittonLuvr, I think the Country Ride tote is a very chic bag for a male! :yes: Personally, I like it better than the cambon tote, for you or for me (I am female, but I like the look of the Country Ride better, maybe because it's not so common), but that's just my opinion, so I voted Country Ride! :tup:
  12. Thank you guys. I decided to keep the Country Ride. Besides the luxurious leather, I got it at a great price.