need help deciding on which LV to get

  1. First post for me! Need help deciding between getting the Lockit Horizontal or the Batignolles Horizontal. :s I was gonna get the Cabas Mezzo but have changed my mind. Which one do y'all think I should get?...would luv to hear an opinion from those that possibly own BOTH! Thanx so much!
  2. ^ I've never use it. Maybe do a search on it:yes: Glad that you're leaning towards LH:P
  3. I personally like the BH...the lockit has a vachetta bottom which I'm always paranoid about! Shining Monkey is a product you can buy online....another protectant is called Apple Care which can be bought at Burlington Coat factory in the US.
  4. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. the shape is so much nicer than the Lockit :yes:
  5. Or you can get Apple Guard, the SAs recommend it. Though I would just let it all hang loose and just be careful where I set my bag down (for the Lockit, which is my personal choice). One of my SAs got her own LV bag and she dipped the vachetta base in water - quick one-second dip in the water and then out, quickly wipe with white towel and then let dry naturally. You can try it too if your heart doesn't give out first! She said this is to pre-season the vachetta and when it does season, it will do so uniformly and beautifully. I've never tried this myself and won't have the guts to try on my precious LV babies. BUT her LV bag does season beautifully :smile:
  6. You can purchase Shining Monkey at and it's a great product because you can use on BRAND NEW VIRGIN vachetta and it will NOT stain it or darken it!

    Appleguard, on the other hand, CAN SLIGHTLY STAIN (come out uneven), or darken the patina a little, so perhaps you should use Appleguard only on vachetta with a slight tan already, and not brand new vachetta...

    I only own the BH, so I can't really speak for the LH...But I do think the Batignolles Horizontal is a MUCH BETTER LOOKING bag than the Lockit...Also I like the fact it's so easy to get in and out of the BH since there is no zipper!!:yes:
    LVixen 115.jpg BH.jpg
  7. I like the lockit horizontal.
  8. ph
  9. Thanx to all who gave their advice and opinions! I think I'm still leaning toward the LH since I prefer a zipper! Who knows, maybe I'll end up getting both, EVENTUALLY! I'm gonna purchase 2 purses but want to get my 1st Chloe bag, as one choice, since I already have several LV. You've all been great and most helpful!! :happydance:
  10. i dont really like the lockit shape. it looks weird to me.
  11. Bh!
  12. I adore the shape of the lockit....I want a nomade vertical lockit:girlsigh:
  13. Go for the BH!!!