Need help deciding on which color (Rouille, Grenat, or Rough vif)

  1. I've been wanting to get a First for the longest time in a rather 'bold' color for the fall and winter time (I have a Lilac City). I can't decide which one to get? I like the orange in Rouille but am afraid it's too orange, I like how solid Grenat is but am afraid it might be too dark and dull, and the Rough vif - is it really bright red? My head is hurting ...:crybaby:

    Unfortunately I don't live near any place that has Balenciaga so all I have seen are variations of these 3 colors from different posts and pictures. Was anybody in a similar situation and was able to decide? Please share your decision and reasons behind it.

    Thanks ...
  2. I got tired of the obsessing and what I did is to tell the SA that is finding my bag for me first and second choices in bag (Twiggy, Work) and colour (Grenat, Rouge) and to find the best bag for me that she can.

    And I will not worry about shoes until I see what she finds for me;)

  3. i'm with robyn, i don't look for the bag. the bag looks for me, which is a bigger temptation lately :P
    rather than obsessing bout the color, i stick to the shape obsession, the colour comes second.
    with so many combination of style, color and leather. it's like a lot of probability, it's too much for me. as long as it's a b-bag, put on my lap, darling :P
  4. I think Rouge Vif is the statement b-bag of the season. That's what I would get if I were you!
  5. ITA! I hope to get my hands on a rouge vif city bag.:heart:
  6. I think you should get a Rouge Vif(I'm a little biased, though, since I'm getting one. lol)! The pics I've seen here so far are stunning! :yahoo:
  7. I'd go for the grenat because every year Balenciaga comes out with a nice red so there's always the opportunity to get this. The dark burgundy colours are more rare and IMO more versatile especially with matching cloths. That sid I do want to get a rouge vif as well but I already have a grenat and if I had to choose I'd pick her.
  8. In order of favorite color. Rouge VIF is stunning in any style. The Grenat is far from a boring color. It is a beautiful rich color but this is one where the color and leather can vary from bag to bag & even style to style so you would need to trust someone to choose the best for you providing your own guidelines to them first. The Rouille (at least in the twiggy I have) is not orangey but more Terracotta earthy tone. This one you'd have to see the bags in person to choose (or again trust someone to choose).
  9. I would say Rouge Vif in any size is just :heart: :nuts: :rochard:
    but I've seen the Pupsterpurse Grenat in First:love: ...
    so I hesitate:search:...
  10. Thank you girls for your honest opinions! I think at this point I am eliminating Rouille from the list. I had thought I'd want that color but then I saw the new Grenat and Rough vif and I went 'hmm ...'. Thanks for the tip on the color and leather variation on the Grenat. I think I am going to ask the SA to pick a Grenat that's not too dark or a Rouge vif that's not too bright, if that makes any sense at all! ;) I hope she will get it. Has anybody dealt with Jumpei at AR and do you think I can trust her with the selection?
  11. Definately the rouge vif! I love it!!:nuts:
    It's the perfect red!:heart:
  12. Another vote for the rouge vif!
  13. go for the rouge vif!!!!
  14. rouge vif First!!
  15. yeah i really like the rouge vif :wlae: