Need help deciding on vernis bag. Need framboise, lol!

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  1. Well I think it's too funny I did't like this color when it first came out and now I have decided I can't live without it!!

    I was trying to keep the cost down, and was thinking of a reade pm, but some lovely gals here helped me realize, that's not going to work, to small for back to the drawing board.

    I really like the bedford, but am afraid it will be too small too. I usually like big bags, so of course the houston and brentwood come to mind, but they just seem so boring.

    :shrugs: I don't know. Ack! Need serious help!
  2. i like the houston and the brentwood. But if you think they are boring, then go for the bedford. I can't immagine that this bag are to small, but at the end you know what you all carry with you ;) maybe just take a look at these bags personally in the store
  3. I like the look of the houston better than the brentwood. I wish I had the $ to justify the purchase.
  4. Framboise is simply gorgeous! Get the bedford, I don't think it's too small...
  5. i think the Houston looks too normal. i like the Bedford most; i have two, it's really not small, and can hold a lot.
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