Need Help deciding on Rose Neverfull

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  1. ;)I am going back and forth about buying the neverfull rose bag. Do you think it's one of a trendy whim or will it be around and used a few years from now? I tend to wear more shoulder bags. I love Louis Vuitton and was thinking about this bag because it looks cool, but, not a real classic. Please let me know what you think
  2. I went back and forth...even sent it back missed it and had it sent back to me...lvoe the bag so happy to have sings to me therefore, it will be timeless...follow your heart...if you love it then it is in style
  3. I think it the Roses Neverfull is very pretty. Yes, it's a bit trendy, but I think it's a pop of color and a fun bag!!! I have the MOCA Neverfull which is trendy as well, but if I turn it around, then you just see the regular Mono material. I still like the MOCA with the pink lining and the Roses Neverfull also has the pink lining which I love!!
  4. It is a bit trendy. But i do not think it will really go out of style, because Roses in themselves are not trendy. The rose is a beautiful flower that can always be appreciated. Placed on an Lv bag makes it even more beautiful.
  5. I find that it is edgier and different with a twist as compared to the normal NF.
  6. Get it.. I have worn my bag every day since Jan 9th :smile: it surprisingly goes with everything :smile:
  7. I'm having the same problem deciding. I saw the Neverfull IRL, got the pochette, couldn't stop thinking about the Neverfull, bought it, and still haven't carried it as I'm deciding.
  8. sure the Sprouse frenzy will eventually die down. but if bright, happy colours and roses are your thing, i don't think it will be out of style :tup:
  9. I love it, it's absolutely gorgeous and very chick. Besides, it has the monogram that has an artistic touch. I think it's a classic bag that you'll enjoy for many years to come.
  10. I personally dont like it.
  11. I agree. That's y i feel its very different! It shouldn't be out of trend coz its the Roses that are on the neverfull which makes it special such that others wont have it when they are sold out. And the lining is tdf!!!!
  12. i jsut saw it today, i wish it came in the gm or she'd be home with me right now! I am rather conservative, and i would carry this in a heartbeat! they are sold out everywhere, that must mean something!!! go for it if you can get your hands on it...the one i tried today was already sold!
  13. You can never go wrong with NF roses! I love mine so much! The design for me is timeless.:smile:
  14. I love mine so much and I haven't stopped carrying since the release morning!!! One of my only LV bags which I actually put all my stuff in it at the store as I was leaving and I've been hooked ever since! Five differnt people complimented me on it last time I was shopping one afternon!
    I can totally see myself wearing it years from now! Besides I live in fla, I'm allowed to wear neon/bright colors all year long! LOL
  15. I bought it and each time I have taken it out people respond so positively to it- it is a Joyful Bag-Get it and enjoy it if you tire of it you can always sell it better that than to skip it and regret it!