Need help deciding on purse for 20 year reunion outfit ....

  1. Hi, I.m trying to decide what puse and accessories Ishould wear to my 20 year high school reunion. I don't have a large choice of clothes so I think the pants and blouse are definitely what I am going to wear. Which purse do you like better with this outfit though - my LV Speedy or my (new and unsure if I am going to keep yet) Coach Legacy. I don't know how well you can see it but I also have a large cuff bracelet made of copper, gold and silver on. Is that good? Any thoughts on the shoes? Thanks!



  2. i like it with the coach bag better.. the gold completes the outfit better than the speedy.
    have fun @ yr reunion!

  3. I agree. Have a good time!
  4. Lv!!
  5. I like the gold Coach bag. Have a great time!!!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  6. I do think the gold bag matches better but if it is an evening, indoor affair, I think it will be a little odd, sorry. Is your reunion in the afternoon? But that may just be me. I always think that the wickerish bags are better for outdoor events. Not formal evening events.

    I have a brand new fun clutch with feathers if you want to borrow it. I bought it for a wedding but couldn't find it when I needed it. It doesn't hold much but would be fun for an event such as your reunion. I am trying to think of what else I have. I have another red velvet clutch but that thing doen't hold enough. You are welcome to borrow them if you can' decide on yours... :smile: Have fun!
  7. Iliabags - you are so sweet! Thanks so much for your offer. It is an inside evening event and I think you may be right about the wicker. I decided to go last minute (it is tomorrow night :lol: ) I will probably just take my speedy. I wasn't going to go and changed my mind at the last minute. My friend was hoping I would change my mind and bought a ticket for me just in case so I am covered! The Coach wicker is slightly dressier than most wickers because of the gold trim and it is a tighly woven smaller weave but I also think the size of the LV might work better. I do have a third option - a small no name gold clutch that makes a good evening bag - particulary as it is a small clutch.

    Thanks for all the opinions so far!
  8. Karla- I actually like both. LV is classic and can really work well with any outfit, but from my stand point the Coach bag looks stunning too. I love the shoes by the way- and the outfit!!! You will have a blast either way- go with your gut feeling!! :flowers:
  9. Thanks Megs - I will make sure to post a picture this weekend!
  10. Coach is best!! Have a great time!
  11. i like the coach. i kind of agree with ilia about the wicker, but it is summer after all...i think it'll probably be ok. the coach ads that little extra. :smile: cute shoes and outfit too! hope you have a wonderful time...braver woman than i. hubby and i (high school sweetharts) have already made a pact about no reunions. then again, when you live in your tiny hometown still, going to the supermarket is a reunion so you're not missing much. but i digress. have a GREAT time! :biggrin:
  12. When people see yo udo you want them to notice your bag first or not? ( i personally like the gold coach cos it screams out to you and is flashy) but the lv is more affluent and refined. Its up to yo ulove both bags (and your shoes)
  13. My vote is for the COACH :P
  14. I like the LV on you! :yes:
  15. I like the coach better. You look great!