Need help deciding on next bag


Apr 25, 2013
My collection is very small and consists of a classic quilted caviar black mini square with lghw, a classic quilted caviar black WOC with ghw, and an aged calfskin so black chevron reissue WOC (Paris exclusive). If given a chance to choose between a small so black grained lambskin boy and the mini black caviar chevron square with shw, which would you choose? I'm leaning towards the boy as I'm missing one in my collection and think it's gorgeous. I guess I'm just a bit afraid of how grained lambskin will hold up. I think the caviar chevron square mini is gorgeous as well and am torn between the two. There is a huge price difference as well, so that's another thing that's making me think long and hard about it. So which would you choose and why?


Apr 19, 2015
I would go with the small so black boy. Since you already have a black square mini, I think this would add more variety than adding another black square mini. As for the leather, the grained lambskin seems very luxurious, and seems like it will be quite durable as well.


Feb 4, 2010
Boy !! Adds something different to your collection. You can always get a black square mini later. (Or whenever they release black chevron again) I think this particular so black boy is more unique.


Jul 22, 2016
Is there a third option? i.e. rectangular mini? it holds the same as small boy / small CF, while huge price difference...


Apr 19, 2008
I would go with the boy. The m/l strap is just way too short for crossbody (unless that's not an issue for you). I no longer carry my m/l (although deep down it's still my fav bag with sentimental value as well). And since you already have a mini, a boy would add variety. The so black hardware is also stunning! I just got the so black boy zip coin purse and love the combo so much!


Apr 30, 2011
Go with the boy since you already have a chevron reissue and a mini. Unless you are a large chevron fan and wants to collect chevron bags..
Apr 24, 2009
It finally depends on which one you really love. If you love square, get it, since this one is chervon & shw. The boy on the other hand is amazing too. Since both fits almost the same amount, it comes down to which one you really love.

Else, if you love boy but worried of how the so black boy holds up (leather and hardware), consider another combination of boy, say black caviar with rhw/ghw. Cant go wrong with that since that particular combination has been around for a while (in different finishing of caviar&hardware)

If you are near to the boutique, why dont you go down there & try them on :smile:. The right bag will sing to you.


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Jan 27, 2015
Just my personal opinion on pricing:

Small boy: $4,300
Med boy: $4,700
=Difference: $400

Rect mini cf: $3,100
Medium cf: $4,900
=Difference: $1,800

For sizing, roughly:
Small boy = rect mini
Medium boy = med cf

My verdict:
The So Black boy definitely (cos I got it too and the iridescent is amaYYzing :biggrin:). Now esp since your heart is also set on the Boy... I highly suggest the Medium boy over Small though.

1. The small is the same size as a rect mini, at a higher price AND heavier.

2. At $400 more, u get a Medium boy (cheaper than a medium CF).

3. A bigger bag is what's totally missing in your cute collection. N the medium is the perfect in between size. (Even this is a tad too small for my needs now)

Just my insight, hope it'll help u find the perfect bag :smile:
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