Need help deciding on new bag

  1. Hi ladies! I currently own the large black satchel from what I believe is the Resort 2006 collection. I've had it for almost a year, and while it's a gorgeous bag, it's beginning to feel too big unless I pack it to capacity. I am planning to spend part of my tax refund on a new MJ, and only have my sights set on two. A black zip clutch or a black Blake bag.

    I am hesitant about Blake b/c I think my satchel closely resembles the Blake, one of the only differences being the large gold buckles on each side of the satchel. The zip clutch concerns me, well, because it's just a clutch and I while I can't use it for work, I definitely see myself running errands with it on weekends and using it for a night on the town, etc. And then I think that Blake would look great at work (law firm environment) and for play. What's a girl to do....

    So what do you think? Blake or the ZC? Obviously I'm having a hard time deciding because we're talking about a cost difference of roughly $600. And I don't want or need both of them, just one :smile: I appreciate (and value!) your opinions and help!
  2. ^ Black Blake.

    Are you taking suggestions? Would you consider another MJ bag without flap pockets? Do you like this S/S 06's STRIPING Hudson? It has compartments like Blake, there's a cell phone holder as well; all the compartments are lined with leather.

    This style is available in Black, Black (solid), Dk Brown, Dk Brown (solid), White, Military with Rubino, and Teal; the lining is burgundy leather. If you are interested, there are more pictures here:
  3. That's quite a difference in choices! If you are feening for a new bag, which is sounds like because you are tired of your old one, then go with the Blake. It will be more visible and more usable for you during work and running errands. But instead of black, why not try another color? MJ is so great at combining different colors for his bags, that is the allure of his line.

    ZC is nice, but sounds like you won't be able to use it as much as a new bag since you can't use it for work.