Need Help Deciding on My Own Bday Gift! Mono vs. Ebene Speedy?


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Mar 4, 2010
My birthday is coming up on March 30 and I have been working to save up for my first LV!!! I have been a Coach fanatic for a while but am maturing over to LV and have been in love with LV for quite a while but never actually made that first purchase. Now the timing is perfect--bday and extra $$ from work....but I can't decide, I keep going back and forth between Mono Speedy and Damier Ebene (oh and then there's the size issue i also can't decide between 30 and 35)...but 1st the pattern issue needs to be resolved. I think the mono is super classic and will always be in style and is the #1 most recognized LV pattern, BUT i feel like EVERYONE and their mother has the mono speedy and i like to put my own twist on things. So then when I saw the Stephen Sprouse roses speedy, I WAS IN LOVE...but it's too pricey for me for now and I feel like I might get tired of the roses when I get older and will want the classic mono. The ebene on the other hand, it super classy as well, is lower maintenance than mono but isn't as recognizable as the mono. So i have been debating this issue for weeks in my head, my mom says go for the mono since it's the most "classic" and popular LV bag but a little part of me really loves the ebene pattern. Anyways, sorry for the rant, just am really indecisive when it comes to basically :nuts:


Jan 14, 2010
Southern CA
I would get the Damier Ebene Speedy it is so classy and low matienance. That is what I am getting my b-day in may. Like you I am not sure if I want the 30 or 35. Good Luck with your decision! :biggrin:


Jul 29, 2009
I'd prefer the ebene for me, because it's less "obviously LV" - plus it doesn't have vachetta and I've seen some pretty nasty looking vachetta on some older bags. I'm in Canada and I just think the non-vachetta is safer if you are caught in the rain or whatever.

I'd go for the 25 because I'm short and big bags look like luggage on me. I think you need to try it on and imagine your stuff in it (will everything fit in the 30, or do you carry so little that the 35 would look empty?)


Mar 17, 2010
South Texas
good advice everyone...I am new to this forum, only have 1 bag Neverfull in Mono, but now wish I got it in Ebene because now I see other styles I want to get and they only come in Mono :sad:


Jan 11, 2010
Northeast Corridor
The Monogram Speedy is a classic! I have it in a 35 and love it :cloud9::cloud9:. But, I like the Ebene, too and would like to get one perhaps around Christmas. I think that in terms of the the size, you should go to the boutique and try on the various sizes to determine which one is better suited for you. Let us know what you decide!


Feb 5, 2010
when i got my first i had the exact same dilema! i finally decided on ebene 30 and couldnt be happier with her! no vachetta, and i like that it is not as recognizable as lv... ebene is more discreet, classy, and easy to take care of... what more could you ask for! good luck!