need help deciding on my first chanel!

  1. i went to the chanel store today in chicago ,ready to buy the black GST, but then i tried on the jumbo flap and fell in love! which one should i get? i want to be able to use this bag frequently. the GST seems like more of an everyday bag, but since the jumbo flap comes in caviar, i'm thinking it will also be durable. also, the SA told me that prices are definitely increasing for both of these nov 1st. the GST is increasing by approx 200 dollars and the jumbo flap by almost 400!

    which one should i buy before the prices go up???
  2. depends on your lifestyle.
    Most members here will likely say the Flap, but I'm a tote gal. The tote carries more and is infinitely easier to get in/out of.
    I'd go for GST personally.
  3. i guess i'd think about how the flap is easier to carry from day to night, whereas the tote might not be versatile.
  4. oooh and i like the SA megan burdi. she's really nice, although i never bought my chanel from her.
  5. thanks for the feedback! i am going to have to go back to the store and try them both on again. i'm leaning more towards the jumbo flap, but i'm so indecisive who knows what i'll come back with :s
  6. If you fell in love with the jumbo flap... then that's the one you should get! A lot of girls here love their jumbos as an everyday bag.
  7. You know, I had the same problem tonight. I took my mom into the boutique to see the sharpey bag (gorgeous in yummy chocolate). I was all ready to get a cute "age appropriate" bag. The the SA shoved the medium flap in my face which I liked. My mom had me try the jumbo which I LOVED!!!! It stole my heart. I say get the flap because it is such a staple and 2250 now is better than 2600 in 3 weeks.
  8. Get the flap. Definitely. The price increase will be higher than the GST...
  9. Well, the GST will be something like $2150 and the Jumbo will be $2650, after the price increase. I'd get the Jumbo flap, not because of the price disparity, but because you "fell in love" (me too haha) and IMO, the Jumbo transitions more easily from day to night. :heart: I have a Jumbo in black caviar, and it's definitely durable... I still baby my bags, but you barely need to with the caviar leather. :tup: I adore flaps and don't find them hard to get in and out of, but then again, I'm biased in that I love everything about flaps and wouldn't even mind a little challenge haha. :p So... go for the Jumbo! :nuts:
  10. flap :smile:
  11. I'd get the flap.

    I was never even a flap person until I tried on the jumbo flap. After I did, I absolutely fell in love and can't stop thinking about it.
  12. Buy what you love. You can always return it if you change your mind but at least paying a $200 increase later for the GST won't feel as bad as having paid a $400 increase.
  13. i just purchased the jumbo flap with s/h. will post pics when i get the chance. thanks for everyone's feedback!
  14. i'm so happy you got the flap! congrats! can't wait to see your pics!
  15. Congrats! Looking fwd to the pictures.