Need help deciding on my first Chanel! any advice?


Jun 27, 2010
I'm so excited about this but I need some help! I know I definitely want lambskin or calfskin, the beautiful chain straps, maybe a black, beige, or gray color. But I don't think I want a flap. It depends. Any advice is really appreciated :smile:

Kai Lien

Mar 4, 2007
Have you browsed through the Chanel Reference Library? There are lots of topics that cover different styles of Chanel bags. Check out which ones sing to you. ;) Then, we can help you further narrow down your choices. What size purse were you thinking of? Something small or big? How about your price range? Are you thinking of vintage or new?

Do you like the tote style? If so, a reissue tote would be nice and roomy! A GST or medallion are beautiful and popular bags that are not of the flap style.