Need help deciding on my first Balenciaga - City RH Argent, Black Day SGH, or ????


Aug 8, 2009
Hi there everyone!

I'm shopping for my first Balenciaga and I'm in need of some advice from the amazing people at tPF. :smile: Let me first say that I'm not a huge designer person but seeing a friend carrying a Balenciaga a few weeks ago has melted my heart and made me a Balenciaga fan instantly. It was so beautiful! I NEED one now. :biggrin:

My style is usually simple: jeans, tshirts, simple blouses and skirts. This completes my wardrobe on a day-to-day basis. I like to wear bright colors: pinks, blues, grays, yellows, very few all whites and blacks. I'm looking for a Balenciaga that is versatile, durable, and doesn't need to be extremely careful while carrying it.

This is why I'm thinking of getting a natural tone Bbag in either a City, Part time, or Day. I recently saw the color Argent and I really like it. However, my question is does this color mean I have to baby it all the time? I love the color but in all honesty, is it worth always being careful for the bag when I plan on using it constantly? I don't want to be paranoid or be worried all the time. lol :P Love the color but doesn't know if it suits my life-style. (I've also been researching darker greys but they seem to be very hard to find!)

Now, on to the black. I think this could work but find it very classy, but might get slightly boring? but in your opinion, is it the safest route to go? I like the Black City RH or Black Day SGH in this case...

I was considering the Galet (gray with beige undertone?), Browns, and other Beige-y colors but realize that I don't match with browns especially medium to dark ones. Plus, I want it to stand out a little in comparison to me, it's a Balenciaga after all. :biggrin:

So I was wondering which one would suit me the best? or are there any other Bbags out there I should consider? Please help :smile: Any comments, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated!

Have a nice day! =]


Trying to be good
Apr 12, 2008
I'm not a fan of Black bags.

I don't have argent though so I don't know much about babying it, but Bal light colors will get warmer handles after a while. So I guess since Argent's on the very lighter side, I think it'll need some babying a bit. Applying Loving My Bag's For Handles Only will be a must.

Galet will be easier to wear. I think. But if you don't like brown or beige, try Tempete. I personally think it's neatral enough to go with your wardrobe. This color do changes itself under different light, from blue to gray. You will have to find many pix of it to see if you really like it. If you 're near Bal boutique, do check it out. ;)

For a starter, most of the time, people will get the City. My first one's the Day, though. I find it less hassle coz I have both my hand free, but the City's the ultimate signature for Bal.

Welcome to Bal world. :smile: You will find it hard to stop once you get to taste it.


Balenciaga Bumblebee
Jul 2, 2007
Welcome to Bbag addiction! I would suggest a Black City or Day with GSH as the hardware makes it more interesting even though it is just a black bag. I don't think any Bal Bag could be boring, so whichever choice you make, I am sure you will not regret it!


Nov 30, 2008
Have you considered Anthracite as a choice? It's a versatile color and will go well with your wardrobe.