Need help deciding on getting reissue in matellic lamb!

Apr 30, 2011
Hello lovely ladies of tpf, I am so torn about this bag! I currently own 2 chevrons flaps in black - both lambskin and caviar, and have been wanting a reissue to add in my collection.

I stumbled upon this 2.55 reissue size 227 in metallic gold at a very good price but have a few concerns:

1. Metallic lambskin
I tried to search for more information about metallic lambskin and the general concensus seem to be that it's very delicate and might peel. I don't want to get a bag that I can't use normally 😅

2. Discoloration on the leather
Is there anyway to remove the discoloration?

Any comments help, tia! :biggrin:


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