Need help deciding on eternity band!

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  1. I'm trying to decide between these two eternity rings. The only difference between the two are the sides, one is all channel and the other are prongs. Which one looks better and which will be more durable to wear everyday. Both are set in platinum. Please place your vote and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

  2. I prefer the top one!

    Have you tried them on?
  3. I prefer the top one :smile:
  4. No, my hubby is having the ring custom made and these pictures are the designer's render of the cad drawing for us to review for approval. I wanted a channel eternity band in the middle but add two smaller diamond bands on the side, so the designer came up with either adding a channel setting or prongs on the side. Hubby thought the channel setting on the side would be more durable to wear everyday, but I do think that the prongs on the side look more feminine than the all channel side.

    Do you think it's more likely to break diamonds in prongs setting than channel setting?
  5. I worried about that when I chose it :-s
    Are you hard on jewelry? I think if you aren't doing things like playing tennis, etc. . . it should be ok.
    I have a thick band that is more similar to the bottom one w/ sapphires/diamonds. It's thick is why I asked if you tried them on. I wear mine everyday but it feels bulky sometimes.
  6. The designer is estimating that the prong side set will be about 7.3mm and the channel side set will add 1mm more, so about 8.3 in width. Was yours comfortable to wear?

    I'm not hard on my ring, but I do get worried losing or breaking a diamond. I would hate to find out that one of the diamonds is suddenly missing. However, the designer said that both design are very secured.
  7. Not sure what mine measures in width, I meant more about the thickness.

    If the jeweler is sure about it, I'd personally go w/ the 1st one. I'm sure he'll be willing to make any necessary repairs, although I doubt you'll need them.
  8. Good to know. Thanks!

    According to the cad drawing, the height will be between 2.5mm-3mm.
  9. I prefer the channel band.
  10. The top one
  11. I am usually the one to say prong set. I feel like it's less metal and truly let's the stone shine on it's own. But in this case I choose the channel. I'm not sure if it's cause the prong set photo is more profiled and the channel is more of a top view but the prong set is too busy for me. Your going to have 3 layers of stones so I feel the channel is more flush and smooth and not a whole bunch of little prongs. My personal opinion.
  12. The top one is definitely more pretty and eye-catching. But i would also worry about the diamonds falling out. You would need to be more careful with that one.
  13. I prefer the channel set. I´m usually not a fan, but this one though is amazing. I think it makes the ring very modern and complements the three rows of diamonds, so they will stand out more. Also you can see that it is ONE ring and not think of three rings stacked together.
  14. I prefer prong setting as channel doesn't seem to bring out the diamonds. Once set properly, the prong setting shouldn't give you any problem. My prong diamond half eternity of 7 years which I wore daily never had a problem. I'm so excited to see an action shot of your eternity band.
  15. Since the center row is channel I went channel. Besides durability, I like that it's all one setting style