Need help deciding on color of Weekender.....please........

  1. I'm driving myself a little crazy trying to decide what color of weekender to get. I love the new Aqua but is it too much color for the WE? Or should I go with a neutral? Here are my favorites, please help me decide......

    Aqua GH or RH
    Natural GH
    Rouge Theatre
    Black Silver GH (Fall)

    This is my current bag collection to take into consideration.......

    rouge theatre city
    vert gazon first
    anthracite work
    teal work
    black day
    cafe part-time
  2. ink :yes:
  3. hi- judging from your collection I vote for ink!
  4. there is silver GH?

  5. there will be in the Fall collection.
  6. Aqua or Ink :smile:
  7. really? why am I the last to know! lol
  8. I'm going to have to vote for Ink as well. I just purchased an Aqua First...and the color just pops..I love it, however I'm not sure how it would look on a Weekender. I would have to see a pic.
  9. I would get either the ink or black. You already have teal which is a nice bright blue so aqua might be a little bit redundant. The Natural might be kinda hard to keep clean for such a large bag. And you already have a rouge theater.
  10. I vote for the Black Silver GH (Fall). Even tho you have a black day already the weekender with the Silver GH should be different enough.
  11. ink or black. only because i don't like bright colors for bigger bags. I even find my magenta city a bit too much. and the darker colors will hide dirt well.
  12. Well, everyone by now must know I LOVE aqua But since you already have a Teal Work Aqua might be too close in color. I LOVE Rouge Theater but you already have that color. I would say Ink or the black with the silver hardware. I think it would be good to have the Gh in gold and silver. CONGRATS and good luck with your choice! Make sure and post pics.
  13. the natural gh, It's so pretty
  14. aqua rh
  15. ink! love ink..