Need help deciding on color for Miu Miu


Which color should I order for the bow satchel?

  1. Chocolate brown

  2. Smoke Gret

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, my FI has agreed to buy me a Miu Miu bow satchel for our 9th anniversary! I need help deciding which color would be best for me. I am trying to decide between a chocolate brown and the smoke grey (if I can find one).

    Currently, I have quite a few black bags, two olive colored ones, one red, one plum, and one blue bag. I used to have a really large collection that I've whittled down in the last year to a few key, classic pieces. I just realized recently that I got rid of two of my brown bags, leaving me without any browns in my collection.

    So, rationalizing that, I think that I should get a brown bow satchel. However, I'm very drawn to the grey - having seen it IRL recently.

    My wardrobe consists mostly of of black, greys, and blues. There are a few prints mixed in and I wear a lot of neutrals in the summer.

    I can see myself wearing both the brown and grey, but since this will be the last bag I am purchasing for a really long time (getting married next year!), I want to make sure that I ask him to order the right one.

    I'd appreciate everyone's input....thank you!!!! :smile:
  2. my vote is for smoke grey,since it is very popular this season and I think some grey looks fab on bow satchel.
    but if you don't have any brown back you might want to go with the brown one also
    you said you mostly wear black,blue and grey's so grey bow satchel would look better IMO
  3. I voted for grey also like justified. In your prev post, I said the choco brown is yummy which it is. However, after hearing that you wear mostly blacks, greys, etc, then you might get more use out of the grey vs. the brown.

    Let us know what you decide either way! You can't go wrong w/ either color.
  4. do u have pic on smoky grey ? anyway does miu" come wif brass colour ? thx
  5. I voted for brown because it's the bag I'm lusting after! I've got it in off-white and just love it in brown. However, from the sound of your wardrobe, grey would work beautifully too....! Personally I think brown will stand the test of time better as grey goes in and out of fashion more.
  6. Thanks for the responses!

    I ended up ordering the brown, but have a grey hold on...I'm hoping to get the brown tomorrow and go take a look at the grey this weekend to decide which to keep.

    Thanks again!
  7. Post pics when you get it!!!