Need help deciding on a present

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    Hello all my fellow LV lovers, guys and gals! :smile:

    I am trying to decide on a birthday present for my mother-in-law. She also loves LV so I am deciding between Galliera PM and Thames GM in Monogram canvas. She is a very petite lady around 5'1", but she likes to carry more items, which is why I chose these two. What's your experience with them and which one would you recommend? Thank you in advance and hope everyone have a great day!
  2. For someone petite and assumably around 40-50, the thames seems like a better fit :smile: Just make sure it can fit all her belongings.....
  3. Galliera PM! It's a beautiful and functional bag.
  4. Galliera PM !! :love:
  5. Thank you! I really appreciate the comments.
    I love how both of these look. I like that Thames has zipper top but has fabric lining. On the other hand, the Galliera has magnet closure but with microfiber lining, which I wish my rivington has. Hubby and I are going to the store this week to look. I hope one of the SA will have similar stature so we can see how they will look on her.
  6. Galliera pm
  7. I am 5' and probably close to the age of your MIL -- I like Galliera PM much better!!
  8. I'm 5'2" and 60ish. I have a Galliera PM and it is one of my most favorite bags. Holds a little or a lot when I need it to, and is a very very comfortable bag to carry on my shoulder. Lucky MIL.
  9. Thank you, ladies. The feedbacks are absolutely awesome! I am definitely leaning way toward the Galliera PM. Can't wait to go see it in person now!! :smile:
  10. Galleria!!
  11. Galliera! It definitely feels more lush with the microfiibre lining!
  12. The Galliera PM is sooo comfy!! If you can afford a vernis cles too, that would be a cute accessory to go with it (see DisCo's av).
  13. ohhh I see it's the av! Sooo adorable!! I am loving the azur + pomme combo. :love:

    I am thinking of getting her a wallet in pomme for Christmas, but that cles is just too cute hanging from the purse. That reminds me that I need to add the heart coin purse in pomme on my wishlist. :amuse:

    I think a few years ago they had one with extended chain and a couple of cute brass/enamel flower at the end of it. :heart::love: A girl can dream... hehe
  14. Galliera PM
  15. galliera