Need help deciding on a pair of Manolos

  1. Today I bought my first pair of Manolos. I love them but I'm afraid I will not have alot of outfits to wear with them; I have a MaxMara pencil skirt in camel and a pair of camel Alice+Olivia pants they go with. I was thinking maybe I should get a pair of brown slingbacks instead which would go with many more outfits both dressy and casual. What do you all think?

    Here is a picture of what I bought courtesy of the Neiman Marcus website.
  2. They'd be great with jeans. I have them in the black and white version
  3. I think those are neutral enough to wear with lots of different colors. The first one I thought of was purple.
  4. They're very versatile. I think the only problem would be if you don't have a lot of brown-compatible colors in your wardrobe, but sounds like you have at least a few pieces - and as said above, they'd do a great job of dressing up some jeans. Enjoy!!
  5. I think those are cute! yeah for you!
  6. I really like them and think they'll go with a lot for fall. If you're truely looking for a versitle pair, you can never go wrong with black.
  7. Thank you everyone for your advice. I'm trying to break out of a shoe rut. I think these are a good start. Now for a pair of CL's!