need help deciding on a non-Prada bag!!

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  1. Hi All,

    I need help deciding on a LV bag I just bought- I want to know your opinions on this forum though b/c obviously the LV forum is biased!! LOL!! I just bought the Multicolore Speedy 30 and I'm just so not sure what to do. I can still return it. I'm just not sure I like the way it looks when it sags in the middle with stuff in it. And it was $2200 which is a lot for canvas and unsealed leather vachetta!! I do love the print and got white which is very "springy" for warm weather.

    What do you all in the Prada crowd think- is the MC Speedy so over?? Or a classic??:confused1:
  2. No matter what subforum people hang out in, I can probably generalize that if you don't LOVE it, don't keep it! If it's just the sag issue that bothers you, you can easily fix that.
  3. i remember an SA at my LV store that with the white multicolore one of the isuues is color transfer. i have a white multicolore carnet de bal and its really not the easiest color leather to maintain. the sagging in the middle you can get one of those bottom shaper (im not sure if that's the right name for it) sells some of those. anyway, multicolores are works of art but just like vinyl said, if you dont like it, dont keep it. hope you decide soon!
  4. Thanks, it's a tough decision. Plus it's such a conspicuous bag KWIM? Most of my bags I can pass by DH, even he knows what the initals LV mean!! And there all over the bag....LOL. With my Prada I can go incognito by flipping it around if I need to, but there's no way to tame down these LVs...:roflmfao:

    I just sort of am looking at thinking on one hand it's very pretty, but on the other it's maybe overexposed for a $2200 bag... hmmmm

    I have another few days, so I'll think about it. It's hard to b/c of course I can't actually use the bag to help me decide and I never know for sure til I carry it for a week.
  5. Yes, definitely don't keep if it you're not 200% in love with it. I personally love Speedies and the MC is my favorite! I believe any Speedy is pretty much a staple that you can pull out year after year w/out worry of feeling dated or out of sync.

    It's a touch choice, that's for sure!
  6. I used to be on LV but I moved away. I felt the canvas material doesn't worth that much, end up we are paying a lot just for its logo. Yes, the multi-color LV is calling for attention. If you already have a lot of "low-key" name brand bags, why not keep this multi-color LV? Otherwise, you may should follow your feeling and make the best decision. Sorry, I am not much help here.
  7. No you ARE such help!! Thank you so much. I actually want other opinions and DH and friends no help cause no of them are in to bags. I'll think for a few more days and see.... Of course the weather is finally warming and sun shining for first time in forever so that is not helping as it makes me think of spring bags!!