Need help deciding on a new wallet

  1. I already have a Mono Canvas Billfold w/ 6 cc slots... I'm looking for a bigger wallet, one that can also hold coins.. I've narrowed my list down to the following:

    Damier Azur: French Purse or Koala


    Mono Canvas or Damier: Portefeuille Accordeon


    Pictures would be awesome... Experience with any of them.. Anything that can help me make up my mind..! Thanks in advance :wlae:
  2. Azur French Purse!!!!! I love it so much!!! I think it has 8 cc slots.
  3. id go for the french purse. i love it so much.
  4. I vote for Azur French wallet!
  5. Another vote for the Azur french purse!
  6. Azur French Purse - love it!!
  7. I like the Damier Portefeuille Accordeon. It is so cute! And I love how it has the chain, so you can carry it like a clutch too :girlsigh:
  8. Azur french purse... so pretty!
  9. I love the azur koala!
  10. Azur French Purse!!!!!
  11. Portefeuille Accordeon in mono!
  12. I like the French Purse.

    Have you looked into the PTI?
  13. i love either the french purse or koala....not a big fan of the chain on the other two...knowing how much stuff is usually in my bags, i'd hate for the chain to get tangled up with everything else.
  14. I know someone who has the accordeon and she always gets compliments. She says it doubles as a clutch very well and has a very elegant look to it. As cute as I think the French is, I'd go for the a.p.!
  15. I really like the FPs, but I think the azur might get dirtier, especially since wallets get a lot of wear.