Need Help deciding on a MbMJ bag!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm hoping you can help me out a little bit.

    I have $400 to spend on a new bag and thought I should add a Marc Jacobs to my collection and needs some help deciding.

    I'm looking for something that is easy to use and is about a medium size and has enough room for a large wallet, sunglasses case, bottle of water and few other little bits and pieces.
    I have a 4 month old baby so want something that won't interfere with my baby bag and won't look too "chunky"

    At the moment I'm looking at these two

    MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Classic Q - Hillier' Hobo

    MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Classic Q - Little Ukita' Convertible Crossbody Bag

    so if you could tell me the bags pros and cons it would be appreciated. If there is anything else out there that you might think might be a good option for me please let me know :smile:

    I'm particularly interested to know what the Little Ukita looks like on the shoulder with the smaller strap :smile:
  2. Have you seen them in person? Maybe you can go try them on first in David Jones, I saw them both here in David Jones Melbourne and personally. I prefer the Little Ukita, Hillier is too deep for me, I dont like to dig around my bag everytime I need to get something.
  3. Thank you Amelia, I don't have a David Jones or Myer that has them in my area and need to get into the CBD. Hoping to get in there in the next few weeks but would love to get a bag sooner than that :P
  4. I dont think they'll have it in Myer ...and dont get it from DJ...they have outrageous price there...but its a good place to seem them IRL,you better order it online from ebay or shopbop
  5. Try either DJs as suggested, or maybe even The Corner Shop in the Strand Arcade. But definitely try buy from somewhere like shopbop, the AU prices are usually at least 1.5 times the cost of what you can get it from overseas.
  6. I would totally say go for the classic Q hillier...
    and I'm in same boat as you are... contemplating getting the classic Q hillier... my dilemma however is colour (black or plum).
    So, I would say do this... go into a store, try them both on and see which one suits your style! Have fun!!! ;)
  7. i love both the Hillier and the Ukita, but i feel like the Hillier would have a bit more room