Need Help Deciding on a Botkier Bag...

  1. Hi All! I'm new to the purse forum and would like to say "hi" to everyone!

    I have a question: which handbag should I get:

    1) Botkier Trigger Large size in Black for $300 (btw, what are the dimensions) and is it really huge?


    2) Botkier Clyde in Black for $240.

    Which would be a better all-round bag...any owners of either bag?


  2. Depends on your preference for shoulder bag (Trigger) or a hand held (Clyde) bag. I bought the Trigger because I carry a heavy camera around in it.
  3. trigger!
  4. i like the green and blue or ocean or moss triggers -don't get an east coast sachel as the arm is really uncomfortable! cant wear around shoulder!
  5. I actually had a botkier clyde in pearl white but sold it. It's a really nice bag and there was a strap for you to put it on your shoulder in case you got tired of toting it on your arm.
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