Need help deciding on a birthday gift

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  1. Hi all,

    My birthday is really close to Christmas so every year my parents just get me one big gift to cover both holidays, and this year I am still having trouble deciding on a gift. I'm really torn between a Cartier Roadster

    or the Chanel grande shopper w/ gold hardware.

    I know there is a large price discrepancy between the two but I already have a tag heuer watch that I got a few years ago that I love but I have been wanting the roadster for aa LONG time. I don't know I just love the shopper, and I don't really own any chanels besides borrowing my mom's orange medallion tote and a vintage bucket bag I inherited from my gma. And I would love to own my very own shiny new chanel. ahh i dont know I need help!
  2. I vote for the roadster. I have it and love it! Plus I have never been a fan of the shopper totes.
  3. ^ ita with everything south said. except, i don't own the watch.
  4. :yes: watch is more expensive too
  5. :tup: Then you can save up your own money for a nice pre-owned tote and have both!
  6. Watch!
  7. I also vote for the Roadster. My mother gave me a Cartier almost ten years ago and I still wear it everyday. The watch will go will from casual to dressy and everything in between and while the black Chanel GST is timeless (and gorgeous, I own one too!), personally I don't think it's appropriate for everything. You know what I mean? Congratulations on either one though!
  8. definitely watch....u can always save the money later to buy a chanel tote~
  9. I bought a Roadster within the year and just love it! Haven't worn a watch in a few years, cuz cell phones tell time. I've missed wearing one! I say go for the Roadster!!!
  10. Watch :tup::tup:
  11. Wow, I was afraid I'd have to go against the grain when voting for the watch, but it looks like we all agree! It's gorgeous and will really be a lifetime investment. Happy birthday btw!
  12. Yeah, I agree with everyone. Get the watch. Than save your money and get the bag too. lol:yes:
  13. Definitely the watch. It will last much longer. :yes: Like danicky said, it's better to have someone else buy you the watch and buy the tote yourself down the road lol.
  14. The Cartier watch of course!:yes:
  15. One more vote for the gorgeous Cartier watch :love: