Need help deciding on a bag

  1. I know I've asked advice on here before and possibly even about these bags.

    I am starting up college classes again and I am looking for a bag to carry a book or two(textbook and notebook plus wallet etc). I am going to the LV store this week and I am leaning toward the Cabas Mezzo but I love the 12" handle drop on the Babylone. I don't need a bag that carries a lot of books just a book or two. Sometimes I love the Babylone and other times I think it looks too "old-ladyish". I am 6' tall and have a hard time finding straps that are long enough. I have the BH and I love it but wish the handles were longer. I would love to see the Mezzo with 12" straps, that would be perfect for me,lol!

    Any suggestions, anyone have these bags? Pros, cons?
  2. I don't have either of those bags, but I think the Babylone would be perfect for you! :heart: Plus, you may need to carry more than you think once classes progress.
  3. I have the Mezzo so I'm a bit biased. I just don't really like the shape of the Babylone. I use my Mezzo for classes all the time and it fits some BIG books like the 9 pound, 10"x10" Anatomy book I used a couple semesters ago, plus more.
  4. I have both the BH and the Mezzo. The BH has no zipper closure so whatever is in it is exposed to the elements therefore I use the Mezzo if I am concerned about what's in my bag and if I am carrying a lot.
  5. I noticed that you mentioned the term bag so I guess you're really looking for a purse that will carry a book or two huh?
    I guess I'm not really sticking to the specific bags that you questioning about because I'd recommend for school the Abbesses, the Montsouris or the Cabas Alto. Heck in retrospect, when I was at UCLA the smallest Pegase would have been splendid. Good luck with whichever bag you decide on.
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