Need help deciding...marina gm or pm OR neo cabby gm or mm?

  1. Soooo...after seeing some gals post about their marina GM and PM bags...I was thinking that would be a nice one to add to my collection but I am having trouble deciding between:

    1. Marina GM or PM (red or blue...not sure yet)
    2. Neo Cabby GM or MM (black)

    I am 5'0 105lbs so I didnt want something too huge though I do like big bags...but as long as it doesnt look ridiculously big on me I guess.

    I liked the idea I could wear it as a messenger bag across my body and that the handles fit over my shoulder...that was very important to me =)
  2. i'd go for the cabby MM - the gm is huge! i also think that the cabby is more classic & timeless than marina.
  3. neo cabby GM :p
  4. marina red one of the smaller size, it is really chic
  5. Cabby MM :love:
  6. cabby mm
  7. Get the Cabby GM --- you can wear this one messenger-style whereas the Cabby MM's straps are to short to do this. Good luck with your decision!!
  8. I was just trying to decide between the exact bags you listed! I tried on both marina sizes and neo cabby sizes. For me (i'm hard on my bags) the marina's seemed a little too white and neither size hung nicely on me. I thought i'd like the neo cabby MM size, but it didn't quite go cross body so I went with the neo cabby GM (in black). I love it!

    So I vote neo cabby GM. One note: i'm 5'8" and size large, so you might have a different opinion! Good luck!
  9. I have the neo cabby MM and love the size. I'm 5'2" and a size 2/4. I think the MM is fine on my frame...I wouldn't go bigger though.
  10. Ive been dying for this "style" of bag and I thought the Marina PM was gonna be the one (its pretty big IRL!) But my SA told me that since its light colored fabric, it will be prone to color transfer, and since I live in jeans I dont want to have to deal with that! So ill be getting the Cabby MM:smile:
  11. Neo cabby mm
  12. Cabby GM! i'm 5'2 and i love my cabby gm. if you want cross body, the MM strap is too short for that. and I'm not a fan of the marina so definitely cabby!
  13. I just bought a Neo Cabby MM in black and I think it is a nice bag. I hate patina leather so I goes with the black one. Anyway, my BF said when I try both Blue denim and Black. He says blue is more better.

    I voted for a MM size. GM is too big.
  14. I'm not with the majority on this one:p. I actually prefer the Marina to the Neo Cabby. I find the colors to be light and refreshing. When I look at the two bags, I find them to be quite similar. They are both fabric and feminine with the gathered fabric on the Neo Cabby and the pleat on the Marina. They both can be hand held or worn with the shoulder strap with the handles down. I think the major consideration for you should be which color do you like - dark vs. light. If you like darker colors, go for the Neo Cabby. If you like lighter colors, I would recommend the Marina PM as it is quite big. The proportions of it is good for someone petite. The GM is enormous and I would use it as a duffel or carry on bag.
  15. I am going to have to vote for the cabby in the mm. I am not a huge fan of the new cruise collection... I love my black cabby mm!