Need help deciding! LV Croisette or Gucci Disco??

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LV Croisette or Gucci Disco?

  1. LV Croisette

  2. Gucci Soho Disco

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I purchased the LV Croisette and I love the bag .... but I also love the Gucci Disco. I have several Azur LV bags, but nothing by Gucci.

    I am worried a little about the vachetta strap and tassel and how it will wear over time. I know the Gucci disco will probably look better longer as it is leather. But I love both and sadly can't keep both :sad:

    Please vote - Croisette or Disco!

    (Thanks to member Kadacasin for the Disco picture. I found it on a Gucci thread. I could not upload the item from Gucci's website. I have not purchased this bag yet. Her picture made me want the bag!)

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  2. I would keep the croisette. I have it and adore it. I don't carry it often, but it is great cross body and is just so cute and special with the pink lining. :heart:
  3. I like the shape of the croisette and the leather/colour of the disco. Croisette seems versatile (hand and shoulder/crossbody). I have the disco in a different colour and love it. I also have a different Gucci shoulder in the same beige colour leather and it goes with everything), and the leather is beautiful.

    Sorry for being a fence sitter...does the croisette come in leather? That might be ideal if it's the shape of the bag you like.

    Both are great options. Can never go wrong with either choice. Good luck!
  4. Hands down Croisette!!
    The disco goes regularly on sale. That would turn me off.
  5. #5 Jun 1, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2016
    I would get the Disco. [emoji4]
    It doesn't sound like you really like the Croissette.
  6. Leather vs. canvas? Get the disco!
  7. I love them both, but yes at least you know LV doesn't go on sale
  8. Whats the problem with sale? Thats just help for the customers.
  9. I like the croisette more
  10. I say disco. If you already have azur bags and you like the Gucci, then go for it. Unless you want to wait and add the disco bag later. I'm not sure if the croisette is limited. I think the beige disco may be a permanent color too.
  11. no competition. the Croisette is so much prettier. JMO
  12. Croisette unless you can get the disco bag at least 40% off. Would really bug me to pay full price then see it later much cheaper that's why I stick to LV!
  13. Croisette hands down, I just got my in the mail about 2 weeks ago & love it! Super cute!
  14. The problem with a sale is the frustration when you've been unfortunate to have payed full price. The beauty of buying LV and Chanel is the knowledge that there will never be a sale. I love that the brand is protected this way.
  15. I sworn I though Chanel have sales once in a while...I thought it was only LV that offer no sales. :P
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