need help deciding! Large or Jumbo Classic Flap? Gold or Silver H/W?


Which classic chanel flap to get, first and possibly last and only???

  1. Large caviar flap - gold h/w

  2. large caviar flap - silver h/w

  3. jumbo caviar flap - gold h/w

  4. jumbo caviar flap - silver h/w

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  1. *** disclaimer***
    Please excuse my indecisiveness and inability to explain my thoughts clearly. You can simply ignore what I wrote and provide your opinion..... don't even bother reading. It's been a long day for me.

    uGH! i'm completely stuck! I had my mind set on a Jumbo Caviar Flap with Gold H/W for EVERRRRRRRRRR. But the more often I stopped by the boutique, the more I realized I wasn't sure.

    I am trying hard to save money and this will be my first major designer purchase as I just graduated in May and have been slowly saving up since I started working (drinking, eating out, partying, presents, and Uncle Sam has taken a big toll on my paycheck lol). I've cut down on all of that except for Uncle Sam and presents so I've got enough to get my first Chanel.

    But I'm a very frugal person so I don't like to make a purchase based on the idea of "This will be the first of many more to come in the future." I kind of want to have the mentality of "If I had to pick the ultimate Chanel bag that I would be happy with if that meant i could never buy another Chanel bag, what would it be?" The answer I guess would be the Large.... But I also know that deep down I'm already planning on building a collection. lol

    Another issue was that the Jumbo is more of an everyday bag and Large is more for going out ... and do I really want to use a Chanel bag as my everyday bag? BUT at the same time, I don't want to buy a bag that I only use once in a while and am afraid will get dirty. And a Jumbo is more practical since it fits more stuff and I kinda do need a larger bag for work etc. bc I only have small bags right now...

    Don't know what to dooooo.... Then I started thinking - okay, if I get a Large Gold H/W, then I shouldn't have a Jumbo with Gold H/W also. That's kinda pointless. But at the same time, I don't wanna get the jumbo with silver h/w bc if i DO get it, then that means I'l still wish to have the Gold H/W one in the Size Large.

    And a friend of mine pointed out that the gold H/W is more classic and the Silver was much nicer/trendier/younger looking ... I didn't really see it that way at first but every woman I asked their opinion on said they loved the silver H/W more!... except for one woman who liked the gold H/W and she was 60 years old lol.... I personally thought the gold was just FAB!! now i'm not sure.....

    Then I thought maybe i ought to get a Jumbo in the Classic Flap and then a Large Reissue since the Reissue is the TRUE original design..... back in '55.

    Am i making any sense? Sorry I'm so annoying. It's just $2395 - $2695 +tax (or $2350 .... i forget) is a lot of money to spend at this point in my life even though I can afford it, I really should be saving toward something more useful, like a Roth IRA lol... and this is largely all because of the Price increase. I really want this to last since prices are increasing like crazy. I wish I could buy two lol...

    What do you girls think...?:confused1: THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
  2. Both hands up for Jumbo with silver h/w which I think it'sthe timeless classic style and you can consider the reissue in size 226 (medium/large).

    If i'm not wrong the new price is $2695 (tax not included).
  3. it's such a personal thing ~ i am 5' 4" & v petite ~ i love the jumbo on other people but on me i feel it waaayyyy too big ~ on the other hand ~ have you seen the pics of fashion freak with her 225? ~ she is 5' 9" & she looks fab with this size which is the size i like & i'm quite a bit smaller ~ so it really is down to which size you feel suits you ~ as for h/w ~ black + silver = :love: ~ happy shopping! :flowers:
  4. i don't know... i feel they both fit me SO well haha
    i'm 5'6" - 110?? -... size.. 25??? *sigh* decisions!!
  5. it sounds like u should get a jumbo aas long as you get it in caviar leather and in black i think it will be durable and fine for everyday use.
  6. I have the jumbo flap with the SH. And I adore it! It can be worn with many different outfits. The gold seemed a little too dressy for me... IMO.
  7. The big question is if you like and wear more gold or silver/white gold and if you mix. I mix, but when I get my black caviar flap I will be getting the gold with the black, but it will be a going out back for me as the m/l is not big enough for what I need to carry. I chose the s/h for my black caviar Chanel (gst) because I felt the gold looked too dressy on that bag.

    So, I would suggest you get the jumbo flap and choose the hardware based on what you like best and wear most. I do think it would easier to mix with the sh because the Chanel gh is very gold colored.
  8. some great suggestion here - let us know what you decide :smile:
  9. ^ITA!!!!!!!! I also have the jumbo flap in black with SH. LOVE!!:love: I'm usually a "gold" person....but I didn't like the way the gold looked on the flap....Looked a bit too dressy or something...I don't know. So I went with the silver. So, now I have 1 bag in silver (jumbo flap) and the GST in gold.:tup:

    So....Yep, I voted for Jumbo w/ SH :graucho:

    To the OP......GL on your decision!!!!!!!!:yes:
  10. I think it depends on your body height and jewelry preference. i just bought the large flap with silver hardware yesterday. I am 4'11 and so my SA said that the Jumbo looked too overwhelming for my body size and because of that, it somehow changed the way the Chanel bag looked on me as well.She agreed with me that the large flap was the best size even though I have to say that there isn't a whole lot of room in the large, but on me it's the most aesthetically pleasing size. While gold hardware is classier, I wear more silver colored jewelry than gold so that's why I choose silver...but if I were to buy a white classic flap, I'd get it with gold hardware..just because I think that combination is so gorgeous.
  11. Another vote for the jumbo with silver
  12. Hmmm... what are the dimensions of each?
  13. Jumbo Caviar Flap with Silver HW:tup:
  14. Jumbo with S/W, hands down!