Need Help Deciding Ladies!!!!

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  1. So I am purchasing the sully MM in feb as a bday present and anniversary gift. I want something to go with it but I have to wait till april to get the wallet. I am trying to decide between the mini pochette or the cles in the monogram print. Can you ladies give me your opinions on these?
  2. I have both and love both. If I had to choose I would get the mini pochette. It is so useful and you can always use it as a wristlet.
  3. I should pick the cles in monogram. I have one myself and I use it everyday. I had the mini pochette but sold it because it was a little too small for me and too big to function as a cles. The cles is the right size for some cards and to attach your key on the hook. Good luck deciding!
  4. I would totally agree! The mini pochette is so useful and can double as a grab and go bag. The cles is wonderful and so useful, but if I had to choose, it would definitely be the mini pochette.
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    I have both and use the cles more. Definitely depends on your needs.
    I would use my mini pochette more often if my phone fit w/ease in it but it does not (S4 w case is a tight squeeze).
  6. To me the cles is the best accessory of all, it's a little gem and I can't live without it!
  7. I also have both and love both, but the cles is my favorite. It's useful day to day-- but if you go out out more-- the pochette might be used more.

    Cles is for running out with cards and phone (separate from the cles obv.)-- think quick trip to dry cleaners or cvs.

    Pochette is for running out with your cards, cash, phone, and lipgloss all bundled. Good for out to lunch or drinks.
  8. cles :smile:
  9. ^^ This! Love my Cles:heart: it's my most used accessory!
  10. Cles!
  11. it all depends what u need it for.. i use my mini pochette as a clutch to fit my phone, keys and cles(money + cards inside)... or if i absolutely dont want to carry anything at all i use my cles with money + cards inside and either hook it to my jeans or put it in my coat pocket..
  12. This is a hard one.

    I use my cles and only a cles every day. It fits my life style. I put in there my DL, CC, and work key/badge.

    I do love, love, love my mini pochette. It's so versitile. I bought a matching chain and wear as a cross body. I use it as a wristlet and sometimes even a makeup pouch.

    What ever you decide, you cant go wrong. Good luck!!!
  13. The mini Pochette is such an awesome versatile piece. It's useful inside your bag and as a grab and go piece. GL with your decision!
  14. I vote for mini pochette. I also have both, but find the cles absolutely useless IMO. But the mini is so awesome that I can't rave about it enough. I love that its a wristlet, then its a clutch, or is it a cosmetic pouch nestled inside my bag, no wait its an evening bag sitting so sweet on my arm. Oh hang on, is that a grab and go wallet for coffee runs… Stop me now….:yahoo:
  15. Mini pochette