Need Help Deciding: Gold Or Dark Silver!!!

  1. Do You Prefer Dark Silver Or The Gold Reissue? Are These Metallics Trendy?
  2. I prefer the dark silver reissue. I just think it looks more versatile? Depending on the lighting I think the dark silver can look a TINY bit goldish too.
  3. DS! Cos i owe one? haha.... I dun have the gold tho I saw it but decided not to buy.....and got the DS instead.
    A Little Gem from Paris... ([​IMG] 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)
    Do u like it?

    gold is more bling tho, so if u like bling then it wld be gold for u, it is a light gold if i do recall correctly.
  4. I prefer dark silver~ The gold is a little too blingy for me
  5. I much prefer the dark silver...for the same reason as tarabag ^. :yes:
  6. DS:tup:
  7. for me

    Gold metalic is only for special occasions / events & night time while the Dark silver is for both day / night time ;)
  8. dark silver gets my vote
  9. of course, it will be dark reissue...i love the color, it's gorgeous!
  10. another vote for DS
  11. Dark silver all the way!!!
  12. dark silver reissue
  13. All the way for Dark Silver!!! I jus got mine 2 days ago!!! It's soooo beautilious!!!!
  14. I'm different.. cos i would prefer the gold.. tat's becos i am looking for a gold bag now.. i realise a gold bag would look more out-standing if i am dressed in classy all black.