need help deciding for next week

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  1. i plan on buying my first chloe bag. i dont know much on the bags. i am looking for something that looks nice but wont break the bank.

    sooo... which one do you guys recommend and why?

    thanks ahead.:smile:
  2. Hi 949! I think it depends on your budget & lifestyle. Do you prefer a shoulder bag, satchel or hobo? Chloe bags price range is between $1600-$2000. There are also Chloe bags in Canvas materials (its called LOGO handbag) which is I think about $580-640 depends on the size & of course the Silverado bags which I think is between $1300-1800.

    If its going to be your first Chloe bag, I suggest you get a Paddington. There's so many Chloe bags to choose from & they are all nice. Here are my top 5 pick:

    Paddington Zip Satchel $1765 (Neiman's)

    Paddington Hobo $1585 (Neiman's)

    Edith Dbl-Pocket Satchel $1765 (Neiman's)

    Medium Paddington $1398 (Aloha Rag)

    Small Paddintong $1210 (Aloha Rag)

    I hope this may be of help to you in some way. Goodluck!

  3. I'm su´gesting you to go for a medium paddington, it's a great size for everyday use and it's the classic shape! :biggrin:
  4. hi 949,

    That cute baby paddington in Gris/Vert posted by hysteric (last pic) has my vote!

    Good luck deciding :smile:
  5. Thank you guys for your advise. I went to Chloe Boutique today to check out some of the bag you guys mention. I start to really like the Paddington. I ask the SA if she have the Paddington in Ivory/Creme, she told that color was last season. Do you guys know how i can get my hand on that bag?? :confused1:

    Thank you for your guy help... :yes::yes:

  6. hi 949,

    You can try to get a creme-colored Paddy via Ebay...craie is one of the nicer cream colors. Alternatively you can have a look at Taupe...I think this color is still available at the stores. Taupe is a pretty neutral beige that is quite easy to match but it's not as light-colored as blanc/craie.

    Hope that helps :smile:
  7. Also, the darker creme is available in stores now as well. I think
    someone described it as a very light cup of coffee, very creamy
    but with light tan undertones.
  8. medium paddy in a cream. This will work for everyday.. If you would like something darker as the cream can get dirty easier, then I would go for muscade : )