NEED HELP DECIDING: first and only pair of Louboutins

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    I've decided I need a pair of louboutins in my life! I think I am getting black patent. But which style should I get? I want a classic pair that will never go out of style and quite high (I am very petite 5'1). Also how high is the VP?
  2. I would definitely do the Very is 120mm and super comfy. if you want s0mething higher, then do the Bianca 140mm
  3. While I like VPs, if I was going for a one and only CL I would do a supreme classic like a black simple or ron ron.

    They can be worn to the office, important meetings, going out in the evening and even with jeans - what ever the heck you want to do in heels, these can do it.

    Plus, everyone needs a black court shoe in their life, and the red sole will give in more va va voom than only other version you pick up.
  4. I'd say Pigalle, Simple, RonRon, Decollette ... maybe Fifi or Lady Lynch if you can get in black patent(?) --- whichever fits your foot best.
  5. If you want something classic but with a hint of oh la la sexy I'd say black patent New Simples. They just have that extra oomph!
  6. I agree with sticking to a classic for the first one. I find that I wear my Decoltissimos the most often.

    Oh, and you say this will be your "only" Louboutins.....I said the same thing a couple years I have almost 10. :smile:
  7. I wanted a "one and only" pair of Louboutins and chose a nude patent simple. Since they are nude, I can wear them with anything and don't need another pair.

    But now I have 5. All the rest are bargains from ebay. I don't think I'll ever buy retail again unless I hit the lottery.
  8. What would style would you recommend for someone that is already 5'9"? I love these shoes, but all the ones I see seem too high. I generally like to stay around 3" seems like all are 4" out there.
  9. I would say the black patent VP - however if you want to be able to wear for work ect the decollete or new simple.

  10. I agree a lot.. I was about to say Pigalle 100 or lower.. but really, the simples are great.. since Pigalle has no platform they can be harsh after a couple of hours.. and I guess it's not your goal to buy shoes you'll keep watching on the shelf.. =)
  11. first and "only" :sad:


    I'd agree with the ladies here and say go for the Pigalle - timeless and classic
  12. Ron Ron, VP, Simple
  13. If I were petite...I would get the pigalle in a heartbeat! Good luck with "only one." I tried that, too....:biggrin:
  14. honestly go for what sings to you the most. if you love it enough, you can make it work with your wardrobe!
  15. I love the New Simples in patent! I think they're the best classics, very elegant. But if you wanted something high, the Hyper Prives are really nice, but they're not the comfiest on my feet.

    Just a warning though, you'd think you'd only want one pair.... But after you get your first pair I guarantee you it's not going to be the end of it! I was like that at first too, "Oh, I'll just get one pair.. Then I'll be happy." Fast-forward a few months later. "OMG THESE CL'S ARE SO PRETTY ARGHHHH *buys*" and so on. I totally didn't regret it. CL's are very addictive.. And this is coming from a girl who used to not care about heels (I always thought of myself as a flats type of girl) but that all changed when I stumbled upon CL's! :P

    You should try on a bunch of styles and see which one is comfiest on your feet though! Your first pair has to be something you absolutely love and know you will wear a LOT to make a good investment of your money. Hehehe. Hope you'll find your first love!