need help deciding. Fendi Linda bag or Prada Shopping bn1902

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  1. I like the softness and feel of the prada bag but if I'm really honest, there's no real design to it. I found a good deal on both. I like the style and look of the Fendi but of course it's more. Which one? Attached Images
  2. really, no responses?
  3. I think it depends on how you plan on using them. The fendi looks very professional, briefcase like, but it would be great to wear to work. It doesnt look as versatile since there is no shoulder strap. The prada i personally wouldnt treat it like a work bag but it looks more of an everyday bag since its slouchy and less structured.
  4. Thanks applecidered! I was thinking the same. I don't work anymore so I guess I don't really need it, but I love the look of it!
  5. That Fendi bag is GORGEOUS but I can't help thinking the Prada is more functional for daily use. Of course it could be my bias, since I like bags with giant open compartments and long straps.

    My friend gave me some good (albeit simple) advice for situations like this. After a few days away, is there one you just can't get out of your head? Like I was trying to decide between a vela messenger and a Vitello Daino. The messenger seemed much more functional to me, but I couldn't get that Daino out of my head. I swear that I had dreams about it. Saks had a 40% off sale that made it almost the same price as the vela and I got it. Don't regret it one bit...I adore this bag!
  6. Nice purchase and great discount!! Yeah, you make a good point! I wil have to mull over it some more. I was able to get the BN1902 with suede lining, which I heard--might be wrong--that they don't make anymore? So that makes it hard to let go. Thanks for yr help, Cowbear!
  7. Suede lining would be an added bonus, most bags don't have that!

    Btw, which daino did you get cowbear?
  8. Ooo, suede lining sounds really nice!

    How sad is this...I actually had to go look up the model number. I've been eyeing/saving for a Prada bag for years, but I still don't know much. It's the BR4970 in papaya (I've been dying for an orange bag). I took a picture, hopefully I uploaded it right...I love the outside side pockets.

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  9. I should also confess (kind of a long story) - I ended up getting another bag about a month after this one too. We were in Florida on vacation and went to an outlet mall that had a Prada outlet. I decided to go look inside - I swear, I wasn't intending to buy anything...I just wanted to see what they had! But my husband was shoe shopping, which is a 12-hour affair. I figured I'd kill some time.

    Anyway, I started talking to the one salesperson and we were chatting about my new bag. I told her how I was debating between the vela messenger and that one. She told me I made a good choice, that the flap on the vela is a pain since it buckles rather than snaps. I told her I was considering it because I wanted something light weight and roomy with a long strap. She pulled out a B1843M (nylon tessuto and saffiano) and completely sold me on it. Gold star and commission for her that day! I was like "meh" when she pulled it out, but she made me try it on, showed all of the pockets, etc. The price was incredible...really all of the prices in the outlet that I looked at were great. I used it at Disney World and Universal Studios and it was perfect...roomy and lightweight...and since everything zips I could take it on rides without worrying about things falling out. Perfect travel bag.

    So that's my super long story! I actually bolted out of there after I bought the nylon bag, because I considered it a dangerous, dangerous, bank account-draining place.
  10. Haha, if you have use for both bags then no problem! I personally don't use nylon bags, but it seems like everyone has one (especially the longchamp). The daino looks nice, I really like the daino line :smile: I have one myself, an east/west in camel.