Need Help Deciding! Clay Gigi Or Hamptons Medium Carryall?

  1. I'm trying to decide between the clay gigi or the hamptons medium carryall in white.
    it would be used as an everyday/school bag.
    the white carryall seems like a better spring bag but i'm not sure. please helppp!
    tia! :tup:
  2. carryall.:yes:
  3. I think the carryall as well. Its a lovely bag, but not too big. The Gigi seems just huge to me for an everyday bag, plus heavy too.
  4. I say the Gigi because the white carryall I think would get too dirty from school. Maybe the carryall in another color would be better for your purposes.
  5. I tried the Clay Gigi at the outlet yesterday and fell in love! Go for the Gigi-:smile:
  6. I say the carryall. Gigi is just too big for carrying everyday imo.
  7. Well you know I'm going to say go for Gigi!! ;) The white carryall is so springy but I personally would worry about getting it dirty. But maybe you are not as sloppy as me :p
  8. betty boop - you saw gigi at an outlet? did they have other colors? what outlet was that and do you know how much it was?
  9. I love the Hamptons carryalls, they are really beautiful but the clay Gigi is so amazing looking in person :love:. If you have a boutique nearby maybe go in and try them both out with some things inside.
  10. still completely torn. the votes are basically even.
    :sweatdrop: big decision haha
  11. I prefer Gigi as Carryall looks a little too mature.
  12. I prefer the Gigi.