Need help deciding! Chelsea Black or Mahogany Wallet?

  1. I don't have pictures....sorry. I'm trying to decide between the Black or Mahogany Accordian Zip wallet. It would be for my Pond Legacy Shoulder bag and Hamptons Weekend Tote (The shiny blue one). I was going to do the Legacy French in White but I had it before and did not like the layout of it. I'm leaning towards the Mahogany because it's brown and I think that would go good with the blue colors. But black is nice, sleek and classic.....which one? Thanks!
  2. Personally, I'd go for the black. While I agree that the mahogany would look great with pond, you may want to use the wallet with other purses later and no matter what, black will always go with everything.

    BTW, I think that is a beautiful wallet! Great choice! :yes:
  3. I think you are right! I was just thinking about that very does go with everything. I have a tendency to buy more colorful bags as it is! The one thing I love about the Mahagony wallet is the lavender you ever get stuck on one detail and just really want it for that reason? Thanks for responding!
  4. UGH - boy, do I ever! I am all about details and typically they are details that nobody else but me would ever notice - LOL. Really, though, the Mahogany wallet would probably go with just about every color, too, except some browns. If you are in love with the Mahogany, you should probably go with that. Otherwise, you are just settling with the black one and for the amount of money you are going to spend you should LOVE it, KWIM?
  5. well, I think it depends on the person.. some people think black goes with everything, some think brown goes with everything. I am the latter. However, I am starting to think black wallets WOULD match everything... so to make you more confused, I think either would be great, and go with the one you love!! :tup:
  6. Well, I ended up getting the Black! I can't wait to get it as I'm walletless right now. I'm so excited because all my Coach stuff will be rolling in all week long....yay! Thanks for the help :smile:
  7. Be sure to post pics when you get it! I think you made a good choice :yes:
  8. Congrats on the black accordion wallet! Post pics when you get it!
  9. Where did you see the Mahogany Chelsea Accordion Zip Around wallet? The only brown color on the website is Toffee and it doesn't have the lavender stitching.
  10. Hi...I bought mine from eBay. She also had the Mahogany one available....PM'me if you want her info. I think these came out early last year, maybe even a little longer.

    I will definitely post pics of all my Coach goodies;). Now I'm eyeing the Coach Multi Stripe tote!
  11. AlohaGirl, does yours have the doe colored leather interior? I LOVE those! :drool:
  12., it's the all black inside one. I did see a few of those when I did the "items completed"search on eBay....I love that combo classic looking! One of them sold for about 55.00! It was beat up looking though...yech. I'm so glad that i got the black though! I'm glad I listened to you:smile:!
  13. Oh I notice the details like lavender stitching, in fact I love but sold the Chelsea Mahogany satchel with the lavender lining and stitching, unexpectedly gorgeous!
  14. So did I! I miss that bag! I loved the shape and of course the TDF lining. They are rather hard to find on eBay too.