Need help deciding btwn two identical preloved bags

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  1. My LVlies- I need advice. In my possession are two cherry speedies. Because they are preloved, they both have pros and cons. I'm hoping you all can help me make a decision.

    Both have the same date code. They are both from a very reputable seller. One was authenticated here on purse forum- the other looks just like it so I know both are authentic. They were made in 2005. No smells with either one.

    Bag 1
    Medium honey vachetta. Slightly darker under handles from use. Insignificant water marks. Two (inch long) pen marks in bag. White mark in bag- also insignificant. Comes with lock (no key), original dust bag. Canvas is very nice- only a few worn cherries but also pretty insignificant. Light creasing from what looks like storage.

    Bag 2
    Lighter honey patina vachetta. Darker under handles from use but not as dark as Bag 1. Apart from color, the vachetta in similar condition as Bag 1. Canvas similar as Bag 1 but it has creases (from storage?). Comes with lock (no key), original dust bag and original care booklet associated with limited edition cherry canvas. Inside has no marks at all but is creased. Creases are in the form of a folded speedy. Lock isn't as nice as Bag 1 (this is not a deal breaker for me).

    Do you all think that the creases will fall out with my use and storing Bag 2 stuffed? I'm leaning toward the lighter patina bag but concerned about the creasing.

  2. You can always clean the lock up, or just get a new set from LV, and the creases will subside over time... The pen marks would be a deal breaker for me so I say for sure bag 2. :smile: especially coming with the le booklet. But I'd get the second one authenticated too, just for 100% certainty.
  3. I agree go with #2. Pen marks drive me nuts%#@$ The creases will fall with use and storing it stuffed.
  4. #2 - nicer vechetta and no pen marks
  5. Bag 2

    Creases will subside. Pen marks -ugh!
  6. bag 2
  7. I knew I could count on you all for opinions! Thanks for the good advice. Bag 2 it is!
  8. Bag 2 - the creases will definitely go, no pen mark and you can clean or purchase a new lock set :smile:
  9. glad you decided on bag 2 - pen marks are a deal breaker for me, too!!
  10. Bag 2 - the creases should come out :smile: Enjoy her!
  11. Agree with Ishcat #2 and have it authenticated
  12. Bag 2, the creases are likely to come out completely :smile: